Angry Students Tear Omisore’s Posters For Debasing Beatification Project

School pupils on the evening of Monday, 19th May, 2014, along the popular Alekuwodo area of Osogbo, southwest Nigeria, were seen removing campaign posters of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) candidate in the August 9th, 2014, governorship election in Osun State, Senator Iyiola Omisore, reportedly annoyed over what they believed was a deliberate attempt to deface the beauty of the newly constructed boulevard.

The new avenue in Osogbo is part of the manifestations of the urban renewal scheme of the Aregbesola administration where the government said it hopes to turn around the environment and outlook of nine selected cities to make the state more attractive to visitors and investors. 

The new Alekuwodo Road wears the look of any modern avenue with walkway lined with flowers over a well-constructed road.
Residents of Osogbo woke up on Monday, 19th May, 2014, to find the beatification exercise on Alekuwodo being defaced by the posters of Otunba Iyiola Omisore.

The students were angered by the fact that ever since the beatification of the road, no politician has toyed with the idea of pasting posters on the walk way and newly constructed demarcation by the present administration.

Of the known six candidates of different political parties that have become prominent for the August 9 governorship election, only Omisore’s posters have surfaced on the new road; a development many viewed as total disregard for urban beatification.

Most students who were returning from school after the school hours took turn to remove the posters of the PDP candidate from the wall.

As if it was intentional, the campaign posters of Omisore lined the pillar of the painted‎ wall from the Oke-fia through Akindeko area on both sides.

The posters which was pasted overnight did not catch the attention of majority until noon of Monday, 19th May, 2014 as passersby and residents of Alekuwodo steered at the said poster with disdain.

Ibrahim Adegbayi, a resident of Alekuwodo said, “it is quite insensitive of anybody to have pasted such on that wall, even the incumbent governor with his poster all over Osogbo dares not do that on Alekuwodo.

“This shows that the PDP has no respect for the beatification of Alekuwodo, ever since Aregbesola came the idea of turning Osogbo to a status of a state capital is manifesting through several beatification projects.

“Similar thing happened during the declaration of same person when posters were posted on Federal road signposts and there was nobody to come out to complain about it, I have no problem with politicians pasting posters, but there should be some areas that should be spared”.

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