Another Armed Robbery Attack At Our Daily Manna Office

The office of Our Daily Manna (ODM), the leading Christian daily devotional publication, has been attacked by an armed robber, the second armed robbery attack on the church in recent time.

The office situated at Ogudu area in Lagos was invaded by the armed robber on Friday June 13, 2014. Eye witness disclosed that the robber stormed the church at about 1pm when the place seem to be empty of worshippers except for the presence of few staff.

The robber was said to have pretended to be a repairer of bad chairs claiming he had come to repair the office chairs in the computer/admin rooms.

“The robber came in pretending to be a furniture repairer asking if he could help repair some of the malfunctioning chairs and furniture in the church office and the computer room. We did not have any reason to have doubted him and his pretence,” an eye witness revealed.

Further investigation revealed that as soon as he came in to the office where he pretended to have come to make some repairs, he ordered the ODM staff to evacuate the office since he was going to spray a very dangerous chemical.  The staff agreed immediately.

A couple of minutes later one of the administrative staff decided to check what was going on in the office where this “chair repairer” was working and he discovered that the man had already removed the office laptop and was planning to remove the second one. He raised alarm and the robber was intercepted. He was searched and a phone and a dangerous instrument was found on him.

After being arrested by the men of the Ogudu Police station, and was asked who sent him and who was his boss, he claimed he came from far away Ogun state but he kept lamenting that he was giving wrong information. In his words, “I never knew it was a church/Christian office. I thought it is an ordinary office. If I had know it was church, I won’t have agreed to come.

“I came all the way from Otta. I don’t know this place is a church office. They did not tell me oooo. I wouldn’t have come here.”

He was immediately charged to Ogudu Magistrate Court and the presiding judge, Mrs Awope gave an order remanding him in Ikoyi Maximum prison till July 14th, 2014 when the matter will be revisited.

There had been an earlier robbery in the church with the laptop office being the main target.

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