APC Chieftain Calls For Naira Revaluation

By Gbenga Sodeinde, Ado Ekiti

For the anti-corruption war of the Muhammadu Buhari led government to be more effective, there is the need for him to look into the ways of moderating and checkmating the naira devaluation in the country, an industrialist and All Progressives Congress (APC) chieftain in Ekiti State, Rev. Dr. Adebayo Orire has advised.

Making this call Ado Ekiti while speaking at a meeting of a group of industrialists in Ado Ekiti, Dr Orire said it is expedient for the President to moderate the naira devaluation and set a new value for it so that his anti-corruption war would have more direct direct impact positively on the lives of every Nigerians
Dr. Orire, who also suggested scrapping of parallel markets for foreign currency added that the President could introduce a code of conduct for naira that would involve an executive and legislative fiat pegging naira at a level and specifically mandating all bankers to comply.

He however commended President Buhari’s efforts on industrialisation and job creation, adding that his efforts in these areas would no doubt begin to yield good results that will have positive impart on the lives of the masses.

The medical practitioner expressed the believed that Buhari’s government is surrounded by committed professionals dollar could help him resuscitate the value of Nigeria money back to the old days when naira was stronger than dollar, noted that if this is achieved, Nigeria enonomy will be boosted, and crime rates such as theft and fraud will be reduced drastically in the country.

“People can kill for a N100,000 but they can rarely kill for the same amount of money that is N10,000. They can kill for one million naira, but is very likely they will kill for ten thousand naira that is now the same value as ten thousand dollars.

“The value of your money is your value. The value of your money is the value of your country, and the value of your money is the value of your country. It is easier in the mind set of people to work and look for N10,000 than to be looking for N200,000. though, they could still do the same work to get the N200,000 but the inhibition for a hundreds of thousand is much more than ordinary a thousand.

“It is very unfortunate that we have allowed it to go down to this extent uncontrolled. Anything that is not controlled will be uncontrollable. if you don’t control your wife she will go out of control, if you don’t control your children or ward, they will go out of control

“The South Americans have no reason to be poor, while the North American is richer. The only problem with the South American is that they cannot control their money, they can not control their lives, and they can not control their value. So they are poor. Japan was worse, sometimes, in the old Europe, it was literarily said that over there, it was like when you carry a your money in the wheel cart to go and buy bread, it was as bad as that but now their stories have changed” Orire added.

The APC chieftain noted further that as Nigerians desired for the true change which he said the people have have started to witness in the area of pump price of fuel which was sold as higher as N150.00 per litre before, but now, sold for N87.00 per litre, “I therefore expressed confidence in the ability of President Buhari and the present APC government that we can do it.

“Because we have competent people who can do the work in our party. The party of change, if you keep on doing the same thing thesame way at all time, you will, keep on getting the same results, but if you change you will get a different result, thank God, Buhari government is a government of change, let there be new blueprint for this and we would achieve it.

“Then, industrialization will improve, macro, micro, and medium, import and export. Then, we will be able to work for meaningful existence as part of the civilise vision, then, the ‘tokunbomania’ syndrome in the country will be eradicated naturally as our people will begin to prefer Nigerians products to the foreign ones, then, the image of the country will improve, the integrity of the country will improve, life would be easier, we would earn more a better self image and honour in the country,” he said.

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