APC Cries Out: PDP Engineering Violence Into Southwest

“Political terrorism is being introduced into the State of Osun by desperate Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) politicians who want to snatch power by all means; and it would appear they have the blessing of the Presidency.

“With Boko Haram terrorists devastating the northeast of Nigeria and stretching the security forces to their limit, it is inconceivable that the ruling party will be setting off political terrorism in the southwest in addition to Boko Haram in the North”.

These were the angry words expressed by the state chapter of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in reaction to the alleged bomb blast incident in Ile Ife on Tuesday, 1st July, 2014, and the attack on its supporters by PDP thugs at Oke Bale on their way to a mega rally of APC at Ibokun on the same day as well as PDP’s thugs ripping of posters and destroying billboards of Ogbeni Aregbesola in Ilesha.

A statement by the APC’s Director of Publicity, Research and Strategy, Barr. Kunle Oyatomi, made available to journalists in Osogbo on Wednesday, 2nd July, 2014, the party fingered the PDP for increase in violence in the state which appears not unconnected with the desperation of the presidency to have a foothold in the southwest, that is predominantly APC stronghold.

The APC condemned, in strongest term, the recourse to violence by the notorious collection of desperate politicians of the PDP in Osun who have been boasting publicly to use every means including ‘Federal might’ that can only be authorised by the Presidency to attempt to remove the APC from power in Osun.

According to the party, “President Goodluck Jonathan has more than he can handle in the terrorism of Boko Haram. To now add political terrorism in the southwest to his numerous economic and security problems would be unpleasant for his administration and democracy in the country.

“With the bomb going off in Ile Ife, the hometown of the PDP gubernatorial candidate, political terrorism has now crept into the southwest and its probable link to the PDP with a history of unleashing violence on political opponents and citizens of Osun since 2007, we can only expect the worst”.

The party therefore called on all people of goodwill in Nigeria, Africa and the world to prevail on President Goodluck Jonathan to rein in his political terrorists in the State of Osun before the situation escalates into full scale violent confrontation, the extent of which can be catastrophic beyond widest imagination.

The APC stated further that “we can only take a cue from how the Boko Haram terrorist activities have spilled across the Nigerian border sucking in three other West African countries – Niger, Chad and the Cameroon.

“The world should not allow political terrorism to grow in the southwest. Those who start violence and war usually get consumed by it.
“A word should be enough for the wise”.

The party cautioned and advised Mr. President that political terrorism is anti-democratic noting that “Jonathan owes his office to democratic elections without violence. He therefore cannot keep it through undemocratic means”.

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