APC Plans To Announce Fake Presidential Election Result, Says PDP

The Peoples Democratic Party Presidential Campaign Organisation alleged on Friday that the All Progressives Congress was planning to announce fake presidential election results after the poll next week, on Radio Chanji.

The Director of Media and Publicity of the campaign organisation, Chief Femi Fani-Kayode, who made the allegation at a news conference in Abuja, also insisted that available facts before the Federal Government had indicated that the APC has a strong link with the broadcasting station.

Fani – Kayode, further alleged that the APC would use the radio station being operated from outside Nigeria, to propagate dangerous propaganda to cause chaos after the presidential poll next Saturday.

He said, “We believe that we have been vindicated on our report just two days ago about the existence of Radio Chanji. This is despite the denials and the lies by the APC about the true situation of things and about their dastardly intentions and sinister plots to use the station for nefarious purposes.”

He also claimed that the Nigerian Broadcasting Corporation, had confirmed that the radio station existed and, that it was possible that its operations, which had been going on for some time, are being conducted from outside the country.

He said the latest revelation by the NBC was of great concern to the ruling party.

He said, “Once again, we wish to point out the dangers of this radio station and the evil intention of the people behind it. Apart from anything else, they wish to use the station to announce false results after the up-coming elections are conducted.

“That is the primary and more obvious intention and motive. There is, however, a less obvious motive and intention and it is as follows. We believe that it is only after the APC has been defeated in the Presidential elections that the secondary purpose of this station will manifest.

“The truth is that they intend to use it to create division, chaos and strife in Nigeria by propagating the most irresponsible form of mendacious and inciting falsehood and provocative propaganda. They also intend to use it to incite their supporters to kill.”

The PDP therefore called on the authorities to investigate, question and arrest the people behind it before it is too late and before all hell breaks loose.

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