APC To Lagosians: Take Jonathan’s Money, Vote Out PDP; Says President Racing Against Tide

Through its local chapter in Lagos State, the All Progressives Congress (APC) on Monday, 2nd March, 2015, reminded President Goodluck Jonathan and the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) that the conscience of voters cannot be bought with money.

The party, however, encouraged Lagosians to take the money being offered by the PDP but urged them to vote out a government that has not bettered their lot for 16 years.

Its spokesman, Joe Igbokwe, urged Lagosians to be suspicious of the President’s romance with the Southwest in the run-up to the rescheduled election, alleging that the President has been organiser bazaar in the guise of meeting with interest groups.

According to Igbokwe, the money being shared by the President and other PDP chieftains was hitherto appropriated from the commonwealth.

He said: This advice became necessary given the frantic bribery of Lagos voters by Jonathan and PDP as the stupendous amount being used presently to bribe Lagosians were the money stolen from the country’s treasury.”

According to Igbokwe, if the ruling PDP has done the needful, its landmarks, and not bribery would have spoken for its candidates, alleging that the President was racing against the tide.

The statement reads: “It is an admittance of failure for the Jonathan regime that made more money from the huge oil boom throughout its reign than the four preceding regimes combined, but with nothing to show for it, to now resort to bribing people indiscrimanetyl to vote for its continuity.

“Lagosians, and indeed all Nigerians, must reflect what Nigeria will look like if PDP comes back to power and cleanses the treasury and waits till the next election to bribe voters to once again vote for it.

“For over one week, President Jonathan has permanently been holed up in Lagos, where he is meeting all manners of religious, ethnic and tribal groups and unleashing stupendous bribes in foreign currency on them to buy their support for the coming presidential election.

“We feel assaulted that a President of Nigeria could resort to this illegal tactics of enslaving the victims of his inept governance with such brazen inducements when he would have leveraged on his achievements for continued support of the people.

“Lagos APC is further assaulted by pictures of various shades of people lining up at the State House, Marina, Lagos to see the President and partake in the sharing of Naira and Dollars which is a putrid resort of a desperate PDP to hang on to power.

“As Nigerians, we are even assaulted that governance has been reduced to such bestial low where all it needs to continue in power is for an incumbent government to supervise a horrendous plundering of the nation’s treasury, leaving all sectors of the economy comatose and turning round at election time to bribe people with huge sums of money in both foreign and local currencies.

“We want Lagosians to join the pilgrimage to the State House, Marina, to partake in the free sharing which Jonathan is supervising in Lagos, as the money now being used to bribe them are the money that would have used to fix our dying power sector, used to create employment for millions of our hopeless, unemployed youths.

“The money Jonathan and the PDP are now sharing as baits for people’s votes is money that would have been used to fix the dilapidated federal roads in Lagos, guarantee the security of lives and properties which the Lagos State government has perfected for Lagosians in the face of clear dereliction by the PDP Federal Government.

“The money being shared indiscriminately and used to purchase worthless endorsements for the failed Jonathan/PDP government is the same money that would have reduced poverty drastically in Nigeria.

“It is the same money that would have been used to fix our decrepit health sector and our dead educational sector. The money Jonathan and PDP are sharing is the money that would have been used to fix our corrupt-ridden oil sector such that Nigerians would not be subjected to unending torture of waiting endlessly in non-available fuel and kerosene at astronomical prices in filling stations as we are witnessing today.

“The money Jonathan and his PDP are spending so frivolously today are the money extorted from high tariff of unavailable light, high extortions by virtually all agencies of the Federal Government among others.

“Given these and the desperation of the PDP to use a chunk of the trillions it has stolen from the country’s treasury to purchase continuation of power, we urge Lagosians to see any money from the PDP as their share of the commonwealth.

“We urge them to collect Jonathan’s dollars and vote overwhelmingly against PDP in the coming election, we urge Lagosians to ponder whether the Nigeria Jonathan has presided over in the last six years is the Nigeria they desire for themselves and their children.

“We urge all Lagosians to continue providing the bastion of the progressive revolution of change from an inept, ultra corrupt and clueless government to an assured future for our children.

“The PDP is a desperate sinking ship that now depends on openly bribing the victims of its failed governance and corruption to remain in power. Lagos being the base of progressivism, should lead the way to disappoint the PDP dreams.

“Lagosians should let Jonathan and the PDP know that they are not cheap wares that are easily purchased by debased politicians that have nothing but negative dividends of democracy for the people.

“So we ask Lagosians to take any money that is given to you as bribe from the Jonathan/PDP presidency but vote out PDP in the coming election for that is the way to salvage Nigeria from this failed government and party.”

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