Aregbesola Sues For Peace During Election

By Timothy Agbor, Osogbo

Osun State Governor, Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola has passionately appealed to the people of the state to conduct themselves in a peaceful manner devoid of any rancour before, during and after the Saturday, 28th March, 2015 Presidential and National Assembly Elections.

Aregbesola in a statewide broadcast to the people on Thursday, 26th March, 2015 on Saturday’s elections enjoined the people to walk majestically to their various polling stations armed with their Permanent Voter Cards (PVCs) to exercise their civic responsibilities of electing the leaders of their choice for the next four years.

He admonished them not to be intimidated, harassed, subjugated, cowed or provoked to do something rash on that day.

He also enjoined the people of the state to pray fervently for peaceful election and prayed God to expose those that want to truncate the peaceful process of the election.

According to him, “what is required of you on Saturday and in subsequent elections is to march majestically to your various polling stations, armed with your Permanent Voters Card and exercise your God-given power to determine your leader.

“Do not be intimidated, harassed, subjugated, cowed or provoked to do something rash on that day. You have defied tyrants, despots, masked gunmen, attack dogs and other intimidating apparatuses of dictatorships in the past and have triumphed gloriously.

While stressing importance attached to the vote of every citizen, Aregbesola noted that “after you have voted, wait around your polling unit and be vigilant until voting ends and the ballots are counted and result announced.

“You can then peacefully return home with joy and singing. If you notice any individual trying to foment trouble, disrupt voting or any suspicious activity capable of undermining the integrity of the election, please bring this to the notice of law enforcement agents immediately.

“It is very important that you conduct yourselves peacefully, quietly and in the most civilised manner, like the Omoluabi, which you are. This is the first time in this country that we are approaching the democratic election of our dream, when voters are in good position to determine who governs this nation. We must therefore not give room to those who do not want this to happen”.

He warned anybody without voter’s card to steer clear of the polling stations adding that anybody that does that, the full weight of the law would be brought against them.

“I must add that those who do not have a valid voter’s card or any business around the polling unit must not go near where voting is taking place. The full weight of the law would be brought upon such persons.

“I am also asking us all in our homes and various places of worship to offer prayers and supplications to the Almighty, to grant us peaceful and successful elections and expose and put to shame those plotting to disrupt the peace and fuel electoral crisis. All indications point to a peaceful election and we shall have cause to rejoice and be glad afterwards.

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