Aregbesola To Fayose: You’re Intoxicated By Your Accidental Victory

The Governor of Osun, Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola, has described the outburst of the Ekiti State Governor-elect, Ayodele Fayose, as an ‘over-reaching euphoria of a coincidental victory.’

Fayose on Thursday, 26th June, 2014, said Aregbesola is ‘dangerous to Nigeria’s democracy’ for allegedly calling on his All Progressive Congress (APC) supporters to dare security agents during elections. 

Aregbesola, in a statement by the Director, Bureau of Communications and Strategy, Office of the Governor, Mr. Semiu Okanlawon, said Fayose is only whipping a dead horse by referring to a media report which had been refuted with the retraction published by the same newspaper that published it.

A newspaper had last week published a news item wherein it claimed that Aregbesola asked his supporters to dare security agents during election.

Okanlawon, disclosed that the misrepresentation of what the governor said had, the following day, been refuted in a well-explained response to the newspaper.

He said that Fayose, in an over-joyous celebration of a victory, which subtly came through a yet to be ascertained mystery, need to demonstrate that his victory at the poll on June 21 is not a fluke.

The statement said : “we think that after his so-called victory, Fayose should be busy with and worry more on how his government hopes to contend with sustaining and surpassing the huge achievements recorded by the Kayode Fayemi administration before the people of Ekiti get impatient with him.

“But for the lopsided democracy entrenched in this part of the world, individuals like this, who have no business in front of a Government House, would have today through a sleuth of hand find themselves in position of responsibility, which they once had and frittered away.

“Whatever transpired during that election may be hidden today. Nothing can be hidden permanently from the people.

“But it is germane to say that what happened in Ekiti has no bearing or effect on Osun. Here, we are different; the terrain is different; so are the people and politics.

“We are not in anyway perturbed by the phyrric victory in Ekiti. Ekiti is Ekiti; Osun is Osun. The two are not the same neither are they comparable. 

“Therefore the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and Ayodele Fayose and their ilk should continue to dwell in their illusory world of ‘as it is in Ekiti, so shall it be in Osun.”

Okanlawon reiterated that the governor only called on the police to do their job of protecting rather than intimidating the people, who want to exercise their civic duties.

He stated that while the people are exercising their civic responsibilities including voting, soldiers and police men and men of other security agencies have the constitutional right to protect and not to bully or cower them into submitting to the whims and caprice of some selfish politicians.

The governor’s spokesperson noted that the people of Osun, for the past four years, have enjoyed peace under Aregbesola’s government, saying that in as mush as the people wouldn’t engage in any act that will tamper with or sap the atmosphere of peace, the security agencies also have a duty to complement the efforts of the peace-loving people by not taking side with any group or political party or being overzealous in carrying out their lawful duties.

According to Okanlawon, it therefore amounts to a contradiction for anybody to think that daring the security agencies would be the ideal thing to do for the peace-loving people of Osun.

He continued: “Asking the people to dare soldiers or any security agency at that, will amount to promoting anarchy which a governor like Aregbesola will not do.

“The governor is a lover of peace and his government has never treated security issue in the state with a kid’s glove.

“Osun did not become one of the most peaceful state in the country overnight but for the diligent efforts of Governor Aregbesola in promoting harmonious rapport between the citizenry and those who have the constitutional duties to protect them.

“To put the record straight, the governor only directed the people across the state to go out en mass to vote, protect their votes and not to be intimidated by security agents or members of the  opposition political parties before and during the election.”

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