Asa Drops New Album

Jailer crooner, Busola Elemide popularly known as Asa has dropped a new album titled ‘Bed of Stones’. The Album ‘Bed of Stones’ which released days ago on Deluxe CD’s, Vinyl and Vendors Worldwide has been available for pre-order on since 25th of August

Songs in the album were born from her life and the shock she felt coming off the road in 2012, after an incredibly long tour. “I  needed time to pull myself together. I toured for 2 years, gave everything I had every single night.

I had been the girl that was full of life, force and energy that people looked at for 2 hours on stage, and then congratulated backstage after the show. But I was going home alone, never really realizing how exhausting all that actually is…”. Said Asa

After her last tour, she just couldn’t stay home, so she traveled and she wrote. Lagos, Berlin, the USA, London, Paris…” I wanted to feel human again. Meet new people and do everything I always wanted to do before I hit 30. I wanted to learn to swim, rent a car and drive from Nashville to New York and from New York to Los Angeles and I wanted to learn to skateboard and drive a motorcycle”.

Asa’s life is part of her songs as much as our life is part of her songs; the inexhaustible subject that is love, the spiritual calling, the need to party or to simply share a cup of tea with two friends. “These experiences didn’t necessarily make it into my songs, but they served a purpose. It’s all there! But “I’ve matured,” says the soon to be 32 year-old artist as the world enjoys her new offering.

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