Assembly Crisis: We Have Absolute Peace In Kogi – Gov. Bello

Amidst resolutions by the National Assembly on the Kogi State House of Assembly, governor of the state Yahaya Bello has said the state is absolutely in peace.

Speaking To State House Correspondents on Wednesday at the Presidential Villa, Bello disclosed that legislative activities is going on at the House of Assembly.

He said, “My house is sitting and we have absolute peace in Kogi state, I am not aware that the National Assembly is supposed to have taken over, the state is absolutely in peace and the legislative activities is on-going.

“I am the executive and the executive is functioning and we are doing the best we can, so legislature it’s their own business and they are on it.”

“I have a speaker that is sitting right now so I don’t know if there is any problem there.”

Asked on the application for bail-out funds, he said, “We applied for it and it’s under processing so right now I have not gotten any bail-out yet.

“Well I think to the best of my knowledge, the last administration either did not go on with the process properly, which we are doing now to correct whatever was not done properly, so that we can access it for our people.”

On his message to Kogi people, he said, “They should remain calm, Kogi State has bleed over a long period of time this is not the time for political crisis, this is the time to work and I am here to work, I am not here to have any political fuss with anybody, whoever is ready should join me and let’s fix Kogi state.

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