Attack On BRT Buses: Military Should Tread With Caution – Olulade

The Chairman of the Lagos State House of Assembly Committee on Information, Strategy, Security and Publicity, Honourable Segun Olulade, Epe State Constituency II, has called on the military to respect the Nigerian law and protect the sanctity of the country’s constitution by desisting from taking laws into their hands whenever their relationship with civilians is strained.

Olulade dropped the hint while reacting to the recent fracas involving soldiers on Ikorodu road in Lagos which saw the destruction and burning of commercial buses belonging to Lagos State Government.

The fracas was the by-product of an avoidable accident said to have involving military personnel on the fateful day.

Olulade said he was very worried and has since been trying to compare various reports on the incident, asking what could have justified soldiers taking to the street in numbers, destroying vehicles and humiliating innocent civilians.

“I am seriously worried by various security reports involving our security personnel. The army is a respected institution by Nigerian standard. The army is seen as reserved and cultured. What happened was very surprising though but is a gradual build-up of the recent misappropriation of the Nigerian army by the apex authority in the country,” Olulade said.

He stated further that, “the army orientation is not civil but military, hence it is expected that the army would stick to discipline whenever there is negative incident in the civil community. The army is the last authority to toy with the law; the army has no excuse for frightening the society with actions that promptly translate to loss of security on the civilians they are meant to protect”.

Olulade who also viewed the Awoyaya incident involving policemen chasing a commercial motorbike rider leading to the death of the ‘Okada’ man and the two passengers as unfortunate but avoidable lamenting that while the action of the police was condemnable, the people were also not helping matter by burning police patrol vans that are obviously the properties of the government.

“If everyone has to dispense justice the way he feels, we will not have a society,” Olulade said.

Quoting him further, Olulade said that “it is high time we all learn to be civil and protect the law. I hope the army will fish out the perpetrators of the Ikorodu road and bring them to justice to correct the bad signal the incident has created and negative impression the army has been painted”.


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