Attacks On Buhari: Faparusi Condemns Fayose; Says He’s A Sinner Who Runs Away When No One Is Pursuing Him + Photos

By Gbenga Sodeinde, Ado Ekiti

The persistent attack by Governor Ayo Fayose of Ekiti State against President Muhammadu Buhari has started to attract reaction as a member of the seventh House of Representatives, Hon Bamidele Faparusi, has called on the Governor to face governance and stop dragging the name of Ekiti in the mud.

Fayose who was noted for his consistent vitriolic and fierce attacks launched against Buhari even before the Presidential election has again hit him hard, this time, saying “Buhari’s greatest achievements so far is the harassment of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) leaders”.

But Faparusi, a chieftain of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in a swift reaction in Ado Ekiti said Fayose’s diatribe against President Buhari was rather becoming a recurring decimal, even when it was glaring that governance under him had suffered a colossal damage and entrenched beggary in Ekiti.

Speaking on Fayose’s latest vituperation against Buhari where he postured that he cannot be intimidated by anyone in view of his consistent criticism of the federal government, Faparusi expressed dismay that Fayose, who had allegedly taken intimidation, coercion and harassment of the opposition APC as a strategy to win elections could turn around and accused President Buhari of planning to destabilize his government.

“In the build up to 2015 general election, Fayose chased all the 26 House of Assembly members away while also running after the APC state chairman, Chief Jide Awe and over 300 influential members of our party over trumped up charge using the police.

“Even in his own party, those seen not loyal to him were being intimidated or expelled from the party. Does Fayose’s allegation has any strand of believability? Faparusi asked .

He said Fayose, being widely known for his alleged belief in political thuggery and brigandage, lacks the moral right to accuse anyone of intimidation or having sinister plan against his government which has inflicted untold hardship and foster disunity among Ekiti indigenes.

The former Federal parliamentarian added that every discerning Nigerian knows that Buhari had exhibited unwavering commitment to good governance and rapid change in the political system of the country branding Fayose’s diatribe as coming from a callous and opportunistic individual who has lost tune with 21st century governance .

“It is ironical that Fayose is talking about intimidation while in the contrary had dedicated 80 percent of his time to intimidate opposition in Ekiti. The governor should know that he remains the least of Buhari’s problem. Sinners, they say, run when no one pursues.

“Nigerians should know by now that Fayose’s barbaric nature does not represent the value Ekiti people stand for and therefore should not take any of his utterances serious as his illogical and vague criticism of Mr President is just aimed at wanting to be in the news all the time and unfortunately for wrong reasons.

“APC cannot on its own effect the desired change in Nigeria without the contributions of all Nigerians, home and abroad, hence the willingness of the party to embrace genuine and responsible criticisms from sincere Nigerians and not from infantile individual like Fayose.

“I am not surprised that Fayose has not achieved anything for almost one year at the helms of affair in Ekiti, because he did not promise Ekiti people anything in the first place while campaigning.

“We will no longer tolerate his continued dragging of Ekiti towering image in the mud. We owe it a collective struggle to ensure that Ekiti keeps its record as the most educated and sophisticated State in Nigeria and we won’t fold our arms and allow an opportunist to derogate the image that had taken years to build”.

Faparusi, who assured that APC would not resort to jackboot strategy in ridding the PDP of its stranglehold on Ekiti, however, maintained that the Federal Government would not hesitate to deploy every constitutional means in dealing with him (Fayose) if he abuses the oath of office he promised to uphold.

“Therefore, we want to assure that no one will chase Fayose out of office, except himself. His case has always been that of a sinner runneth when no one pursueth. He should face governance and stop the looting of our commonwealth to Dubai, with these, he won’t have any reason to fear”, Faparusi said.

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