Banire Advises Buhari To Appoint Only Clean Nigerians As Ministers

The National Legal ‎Adviser of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Dr Muiz Banire has advised President Muhammadu Buhari to appoint only Nigerians of impeccable character to work with him to enable the party to deliver on its electoral promises.

Banire, who also expresse‎d optimism that the current crisis rocking the party leadership, especially in the National Assembly would soon be over, said that the party has learnt its lesson from the unfolding developments.

Speaking at an interactive session with journalists in Lagos ‎, Banire urged President Buhari to shop for the people of impeccable character to work with him, saying that only people who have lawful means of survival would bring about the desired change that Nigerians are yearning for.

He said:”‎For me, President Muhammadu Buhari must look for the people of impeccable character, people with lawful alternative contact addresses, who have the job that they are doing legally and that people can prove it that that this is the way this man has been surviving and has been succeful in that regard. Such must be clean people.” ‎

Banire, who described the National Assembly crisis as unfortunate and regrettable, said the party would soon emerge stronger after the crisis.

“I believe we are still a single family and such challenges do often come but I believe that we can overcome it. There is always a way out of every lock jam. May be we never had enough preparation because if we have we have had enough preparation, such possibly would not have happened. So, next time we will start early.‎What happened is unfortunate and regrettable but I am sure we have learnt our lesson. I do not foresee such happening again for the rest of the tenure.”

The Legal Adviser attributed the political and leadership crisis in the country to lack of fear of God, saying if all politicians could reason that life is ephemeral, they would not have been so desperate to attain any positions.

He said: “They should have the fear of God which is the most important thing. Honestly, once you can cultivate that, you won’t have problem again because the inordinate ambition for wealth, the insatiable desire for position for posts and power and the whole things will go becaue you are not even sure that you will wake up the next morning. So, what are you are desperate about? So, for me, I believe once we are able to develop the fear of God in our people. And that brings me to the fundamental issue which is still lacking. We must start addressing the religious education of our children from school. I believe that is what is lacking that is breeding all these nuisance and miscreants all over the whole place. ”

He said the APC cannot afford to fail Nigerians, saying the messages on the social media showed that Nigerians are watchful and ready to put the government on its toes.

Banire, however, described as irresponsible, the statement accredited to the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Publicity Secretary, Olisah Metuh that the APC is inexperience to govern Nigeria, saying” APC has quality of the people who are tested and experienced in all ramifications.” ‎

According to him, “the change that Nigerians desire is realistic as far as I am concern, somehow Nigerians are virtually working up to the realities that they have to hold their destiny into their hands. So, right now, they will not be relenting. I am not an active participants in the social media but I know a lot is being sent daily to put the government on its toes. To that extent, I believe the change is realistic. Nobody wants to fail, nobody wants to end up in the way the last administration ended up. I am sure that our people too will continue to be on our toes.”

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