Better Sex Positions: Twists That Will Make You Shout

Shake Up Your Sex Positions

Call in sick, clear your schedule, and make sure you’re hydrated. You’re not going to want to leave your bedroom for a while.

These inventive tweaks will shake up your favorite sex positions—and the results are volcanic. And just in case you need a reason to break away from your typical repertoire, know this: The more moves women try out during sex, the higher their likelihood of reaching the big O, according to the National Survey of Sexual Health and Behavior.

Plus, adding some variety can also prevent things from going stale outside the bedroom. Couples who constantly try new things together—which can include mattress play—report better romantic chemistry and higher relationship satisfaction than couples who stick to the same routine, according to research from Stony Brook University.

Not to mention, trying new moves in bed causes your brain to release dopamine, the feel-good chemical that keeps you feeling hot for your partner, says marriage therapist Pat Love, Ed.D., author of Hot Monogamy. Now, get ready to do a little racy road testing.

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