Breaking! First Executive Governor Of Kwara, Adamu Attah Dies

The first Executive and democratically elected Governor of old Kwara State, comprising present day Kwara and some parts of Kogi states, Alhaji Adamu Attah, is dead. learnt the very elderly statesman died on the afternoon of Thursday, 1st May, 2014 at his Ilorin residence. He was reported to have been sick for a brief period of time.

The late Alhaji Attah was the first democractically elected executive governor of Kwara State.

He was elected in 1979 on the platform of then National Party of Nigeria (NPN) but riding on the political structure of the late strongman of Kwara, Senator Abubakar Olusola Saraki. He thus was governor of Kwara State between October 1979 and 30th September, 1983. Between that time, Senator Olusola Saraki was the Majority Leader in the Senate.

However, in the run off to the 1983, the late Alhaji Attah had a face off with Senator Olusola Saraki leading to the latter withdrawing his support for him.

Thus, the Olusola Saraki political machinery worked for the candidate of the rival then Unity Party of Nigeria (UPN) candidate in the 1983 governorship election in Kwara State, Chief Cornelius Adebayo.

Suffice to add that Attah lost the governorship election to Adebayo but the NPN had their pound of flesh on Saraki for making the party lose the Kwara governorship seat by removing him as the Senate Majority Leader.

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