Buhari Stage-managed Kaduna Bombing – Asari Dokubo

• Accuses him of desperation for power

Self-acclaimed Niger Delta warlord and leader of Niger Delta Peoples Salvation Force (NDPSF), Alhaji Mujahid Dokubo-Asari has opened a fresh page on last Wednesday’s assassination attempt on former Head of State, General Mohammed Buhari (retd) by suspected Boko Haram insurgents.

Dokubo alleged that Buhari stage-managed the attack on himself in order to attract public sympathy and paint President Goodluck Jonathan as a bad leader.

The former President of Ijaw Youth Council (IYC), who addressed the media in Abuja, added that Buhari and his group would fail in their conspiracy and desperation to take over power from Jonathan.

Claiming he knew Buhari so well, Asari said the former Head of State was not known to ride in a bullet-proof car prior to the incident, alleging that the use of an armoured SUV in his convoy started recently which confirmed his allegation. However, he noted that he did not wish death on Buhari.

His words: “That attack was stage-managed. Buhari and his group stage-managed it. First, Buhari was not using a bullet-proof car before. I know Buhari very well. Why did he use bulletproof car that day? He did not die. None of his aides died.

“Innocent people were killed. We all know what they are doing, but they will fail. All that they are looking for will fail. We are waiting for them. They should plot. We, too, we are plotting. And when they are ready for the battle, we will come out openly and meet them at the battlefield. Let them be throwing bombs in their place and be doing what they are doing. Let them shift the bombs to our place and then we will look at the score.

I do not wish him to die but like it is said, ‘there is God in this evil they are plotting’ and the evil will be on their head. He who will ride on the back of the lion will end up in the belly of the lion.

“I know that the same way Chibok was stage-managed was the same way they stage-managed it. Where did he get the bullet-proof car he used? Why did he use bullet-proof car that day when the bomb exploded and nothing happened to him?”

Asari also warned that the Niger Delta people would fight back should anything happen to President Jonathan.

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