Buhari Takes Campaign Online With New Sites

The presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC), General Muhammadu Buhari, has launched new websites in a bid to respond to the barrage of falsehoods making the rounds against his person.

Buhari made the announcement on his twitter handle @thisisbuhari yesterday as he kick-started his presidential campaign ahead of the February 15 presidential poll and sent his New Year message to his supporters on the social media platform.

The sites, according to Buhari, are an avenue to get the facts about him and help address the many “lies” spreading around. He said the ‘Get the Facts’ link on http://thisisbuhari.com also takes you directly to this platform: #GetTheFacts #ThingsMustChange #GMB15

He said, “As we welcome the New Year, we are also announcing the launch of the very important site, FactChecki.ng. #ThingsMustChange #GMB15

“As the campaign for #Change is ramped up, this site will address and dismiss the many untruths about our vision and our campaign. Very well done to the volunteer team that delivered this. If you see any issues you want addressed, please email lies@factchecki.ng.”

He, however, added that as he combats the distractions, his focus must remain on his vision, plans and solutions for #Nigeria. He also urged his supporters to share his party’s message on reviving the economy, spreading wealth, solving power, creating jobs and tackling corruption. #GMB15

He said, “Remind your friends and family that we cannot settle for a Nigeria of the barest minimum, when we have what we need to truly be great. A country defined by corruption, by mediocrity, by waste and by insecurity cannot deliver the future that we desperately need.

“The site is now live. You can go to FactChecki.ng now. Happy New Year to you and yours. #GMB15 #ThingsMustChange.”

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