Buhari Wins As David Mark Fails To Deliver His State To Jonathan

All Progressives Congress presidential candidate, Maj-Gen. Muhammadu Buhari (retd), has finally defeated President Goodluck Jonathan in the presidential election results in Benue State.

He got a convincing win with over 70,000 extra votes after the long-awaited results for Makurdi, the state capital, came in around 2am on Tuesday.

Buhari polled 38,685 votes in Makurdi to bring is overall total votes in the 23 local government areas of the state to 373,961.

Jonathan scored 19,739 votes in Makurdi to bring his total vote haul to 303,737.

The two presidential candidates had been in a head-to-head race in the state since Sunday when‎ results of the election started trickling in.

At a point, Jonathan led when the results of the first five local governments were released and remained in the lead till around 11am on Monday.

However, Buhari later overtook him and continued to lead marginally till he won convincingly on Tuesday morning.

In the results declared by the. Presidential Election Collation Officer in the state, Prof. Hayward Mafuyai‎, in Makurdi, Jonathan won in 14 local governments, while Buhari took the remaining nine.

Although, the President won more local governments, Buhari scored higher votes in the nine he won.

Jonathan won in Ogbadibo, Ukum, Agatu, Ado, Okpokwu, Ohimini, Guma, Otukpo, Apa, Gwer-West, Oju, Obi, Katsina-Ala and Logo.

On the other hand, Buhari won in Tarka, Gboko, Gwer-East, Ushongo, Konshi‎sha, Makurdi, Vandeikya, Buruku and Kwande.

The details of the results are presented local government -by-local government below: Gboko LG

APC 54,065 PDP 22,971

Tarka LG APC 15,037 PDP 4,134

Gwer East LG APC 19,873 PDP 14,363

Ushongo LG APC 20,958 PDP 13,160

Kwande LG APC 31,896 PDP 15,483

Konshisha LG APC 34,344 PDP 6,957

Buruku LG APC 23,397 PDP 15,407

Guma LG APC 9,952 PDP 15, 521

Otukpo LG APC 13,591 PDP 17,591

Apa LG APC 4,526 PDP 6,450
Gwer West LG APC 9,649 PDP 12,246
Oju LG APC 10,821 PDP 14,617

Obi LG APC 3,936 PDP 9,097
Ogbadibo LG PDP 6,937 APC 6,257
Agatu LG PDP 7, 382 APC 2, 328

Okpokwu LG PDP 12,103 APC,4,757
Ohimini LG PDP 5,909 APC 4,734
Ado LG PDP 7, 382 APC 2, 328

Katsina-Ala LG
PDP 27,094
APC 13,059‎

Logo LG
PDP ‎16,167
APC 6,376

Vandeikya LG
PDP, 14,080
APC, 26,343 Ukum LG

PDP 16,774
APC, 15,639

Makurdi LG
PDP ‎19,739
APC 38,685

Grand Total
APC: 373,961
PDP: 303,737

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