Cafu Wants Neymar Relieved Of Brazil Captaincy

Brazil legend Cafu says Neymar should not continue as captain of the Selecao, adding that he is ‘not a born leader.’

The Barcelona forward was handed the armband last September but made headlines for all the wrong reasons at this summer’s Copa America, where he was sent off and subsequently banned for the remainder of the tournament for brawling after his country’s match with Colombia.

“His personality is designed to play football and enjoy himself with the ball. He is not a born leader,” Cafu said to Sport TV.

“Neymar should be left to play football. This is not a criticism of Neymar, lots of other huge stars have not been captains.

“Neymar is our focal point, our idol, our playmaker. In the last ten years I haven’t seen a player like him, his technical abilities are undeniable.”

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