CBD Demolishes Criminal Hideouts Within Marina, Lagos

The Enforcement Unit of the Lagos Central Business Districts Management office on Monday embarked on the clean up and demolition of criminal operational bases and hideouts around the outer Marina, Lagos.

The enforcement operation, which is a continuous exercise is in line with the vision of the present administration to rid the island and the entire state of street urchins and criminals.

The team also demolished shanties built under the pedestrian bridge close to the Leventis bus stop, Marina where the hoodlums hibernate to attack unsuspecting motorists, especially at night.

Also, street urchins smoking marijuana openly around the bus stop and under the bridge who normally attack motorists that have issues with their vehicles, especially at night using the cover of darkness to perpetrate their evil acts have also been dislodged.

The Lagos Central Business Districts Management office said it will not relent in its efforts to ensure that the Lagos Island Business District is safe to transact business at all times. The Office will continue this enforcement exercise to clean up the entire business district to an acceptable international standard.

The Office also used the opportunity to warn street traders erecting illegal structures on laybys, walkways and drainage alignment to remove them immediately in order not to be arrested and prosecuted.

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