Chivita Premium Is Now Chivita 100%

As we all knows, “a clear brand message is worth a thousand words.” And since brand messaging is about capturing the right language that embodies a brand so that it stands out from the pack, it must be simple, short and, above all, memorable.

For effectiveness, it must also parade instantly attractive packaging.

Nonetheless, the challenge of communicating a clear and effective brand message that will instantly resonate with consumers has always been an intimidating task for brand managers. This is because very few brands are able to effectively match the message with each and every component of their brand or product.

One brand which has successfully matched the message with each and every component of the brand is Chivita 100 percent from the stable of Chi Limited, makers of fruit juices. Previously known as Chivita Premium, the new name, ‘Chivita 100%’, along with the new trendy, modern and elegant packaging delivers a supreme lesson in brand messaging.

Operating in a challenging economy like Nigeria where marketing a brand is a complex and highly competitive task, finding a clear message that works with the consumer may be the most difficult part of building a brand identity. But by renaming Chivita to reflect the most crucial idea at the heart of the brand which is the 100 percent pure fruit juice that contains no added sugar, no preservative and no added colours, Chivita has solidified its market leadership.

Truly, in an increasingly health conscious society, consumers are most likely to choose a brand that lays emphasis on natural ingredients instead of products containing synthetic or genetically modified components. The visual architecture of the brand is even more endearing. Boldly written along the length of the pack is ‘100% Fruit Juice’ while ‘No Added Sugar’ is placed at the heart of the design and written in clear language to give the information greater prominence than before.

Indeed, behind the Chivita’s title, behind the package design and behind the ad campaigns, is a strong, simple message that effectively communicates the core value of Chivita fruit juice as a pure and natural drink.

To further drive the consumer’s attraction to ‘Chivita 100%’, the variant name now appears as ‘Real Orange’ or ‘Real Apple’ on the pack as opposed to simply writing orange or apple. The interactive design features visual elements such as the “shake well” symbol as well as a “variant wheel” that reflects all other variants of the brand.

Speaking on the new design in Lagos recently, Managing Director of Chi Limited, Mr. Roy Deepanjan, said the packaging changeover is the company’s way of injecting fresh energy into the brand so that it can take its pride of place on market shelves and in households, from living rooms to event halls and in the lives of consumers who cherish healthy living.

In an effort to avail Chivita 100% with more levels of engagement with the consumer, the website address, Facebook page, Twitter handle and LinkedIn contact addresses are featured on the pack.

‘Chivita 100%’ which can be enjoyed by consumers who desire pure, healthy and natural refreshment is available in five variants of real pineapple, real apple, real orange, orange pineapple and orange mango.

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