Chivita Premium Reinforces “100% Pure Fruit Juice” Position With New Advertising Campaign

When certain basic fundamentals are adhered to, advertising is capable of arousing the emotion in a way that deepens the interest of the target audience and brings about a lasting relationship. Thus, a cardinal principle of advertising revolves around its credibility. Trust is an ingredient that is built on mutual understanding and so an advertising material that wants to lay claim to greatness must concentrate on one big idea which should be arresting, exciting and different.

Over the years, Chivita has grown its equity with promotions and advertising campaigns that have remained evergreen in the consumers’ consciousness and these campaigns particularly on radio and television have helped to build the perception of the brand as a Nigerian brand of international standard.

Recently, Chi Limited launched its new communication campaign for Chivita Premium fruit juice. The television commercial and radio jingle has already attracted interest in marketing communication circles and amongst consumers.

The thought provoking television commercial which has duration of 45seconds urges consumers not to settle for less than the best. Would you settle for half a dress, car or cake? The answer for most customers or consumers is absolutely no! Then why settle for less than a 100 percent fruit juice content which Chivita Premium offers?

The radio jingle rhetorically asks consumers if they would settle for less than 100 percent fruit juice and the response to the question is obviously negative. Their choice of 100 percent content in their fruit juice is understandable particularly when they know Chivita premium fruit juice offers no less coupled with its availability and affordability.

Chivita Premium 100 percent fruit juice campaign has attracted the attention of communications experts for its adherence to the principles of great advertising. It has succeeded in converting thousands of fruit juice lovers to choose its 100 percent fruit juice for its great taste and nutrition benefits.

This is no mean feat when skepticism over the claims that the fruit juice in the package retains its natural flavor and contains no added sugar, no preservative and no added colours are considered.

In the words of a banker who is also mother of four children, Mrs. Ogechi Eze. “the new television commercial from Chivita Premium fruit juice is a brilliant effort. Generally for me, a television commercial or radio jingle has to score high in two areas to be memorable: sheer entertainment value and thought-provoking ability” For Rotimi Balogun a company executive, “the radio jingle comes with some elements of news and credibility, a factor in great advertising”. The notion that he like other consumers will settle for nothing less than the best in product quality and in this case fruit juice resonates with him also.

Chivita Premium fruit juice beat the odds to become a major player in the juice market in Nigeria, winning loyal consumers across different age groups and taste with its variant offerings which include Apple, Orange, Pineapple and Orange -Mango and Orange-Pineapple through its great advertising. It has become the generic name for juices in the Nigerian market.

According to the Chi Limited’s Managing Director, Mr. Roy Deepanjan, “for us at Chi limited we take into cognizance the fact that an advert should address a need, demonstrate how the product meets the need, and do it in a compelling, memorable way. It is our desire that the new television commercial and radio jingle resonates with our consumers’ point of view and deliver a message that they can easily relate with; and they can trust.”

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