Chronicling Jide Jimoh’s Worthy Representation Of Lagos Mainland In House Of Reps


“A genuine leader is not a searcher for consensus but a molder of consensus” — Martin Luther King Jr.

Have you ever imagined why Jide Jimoh, popularly called JJ has positively coloured the heart of several people in Lagos Mainland Federal Constituency? The answer is embedded in the words of John Maxwell, he said that ‘Leadership is not about titles, positions, or flow charts. It is about one life influencing another. Hon. AbdulRaheem Olajide Jimoh has proven himself on the platform to be a servant leader that knows his onions in the business of representation in the lower legislative chamber.

Yes, THE CHRONICLES of his Second Term as a member, House of Representatives representing LAGOS MAINLAND FEDERAL CONSTITUENCY cannot be well said without the first term as he determined to make better and visible difference. In his first term, he initiated several projects and the track record of caring for the people are overwhelming ranging from motions, bills, facilitating constructions/rehabilitations of health centres, and the constituents’ empowerment. He has made the whole world, most especially his constituency known that the essence of service is ensuring that the there’s direct engagement with the people at the grassroots through the impacts of legislative process.
Jimoh, sought the support for a second term and the entire constituents shouting ‘JJ is the Man’ right from primaries even till the day of election to sustain people-focused programmes that none in the history of Lagos Mainland politics have done successfully. Indeed, his absolute loyalty to the people and the party, All Progressives Congress (APC) cruised him to victory at the poll against his opponent.
According to Simon Sinek “People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it’ which was clearly demonstrated in the case of this lawmaker as he has brought effective representation, accessibility, responsiveness, transparency, honesty and accountability in the last few years that made everyone glued to his philosophy because he’s doing the right things, while doing things right and the backing of THE MERCIFUL GOD has made it possible to go extra steps at every point to ensure that people are not disappointed.
Since his inauguration as the 9th National Assembly member, he has been involved in the parliamentary business to achieve the developmental agenda, not for his constituency alone but for the entire Nigerians. He has personally moved several motions to date, and co-sponsored motions and bills to boost economic and infrastructural development to the current enviable level. Judging from the experience as the former councillor, state legislator, and the local government chairman, we can say is a man beyond borders. Therefore, ranking one of the outstanding lawmaker in the House of Representatives is not mistaken. He’s been excellent, through his eloquence, energy, frankness contributions to bills and motions during floor debate and at the committees’ table.
HON OLAJIDE JIMOH, Chairman House Committee on Regional Planning and Urban Development, and a member of several committes in house of representatives celebrates one year of his Second Term with the following milestones.


* Unemployment Crisis: Need for State of Emergency and Legislative Intervention, co-sponsored by Hon Femi Gbajabiamila

* Problems Confronting Piracy in the Nigeria Entertainment Industry.

*Motion Calling on the Federal Road Safety Corps to curb Menace of unlatched containers and trucks on Nigeria Highways as well as the unbearable traffic nightmares on major highways.

* Extortions on Federal Roads, garages and Highways by Hoodlums who disguise and claim to be Union Officers of the National Union of Road Transport Workers (NURTW) and Road Transport Employer Association of Nigeria (RTEAN).

* Federal Road Safety Corps and Unbearable Traffic nightmares on Nigeria major Highway.

* International Certificate of Vaccination (Yellow Card) for saving Nigeria from Global Embarrassment as proved by the World Health Organization (WHO)

* Media for all: NTA and provision of Audio Visual Translation via Sign challenges in broadcasting news programmes.

* Technological solutions to manual handling/checking of passengers’ luggage at airports by Immigration, the Nigerian Customs, NDLEA, DSS, etc

* Excessive bank charges in Nigeria (commercial banks), etc

* ‘Need to Curb the Menace of High Rate of Illiteracy in Nigeria;


*Urgent Need to Address the Poor Service Delivery of the Nigeria Fire Service

* Bills for an Act to Establish Nigeria Prosecution Service (NPC) with the view to enhancing the administration of Justice system in Nigeria.

* Bill for the Establishment of Traditional Medicine Council of Nigeria and other related Matters. (passed second reading)

* Bill for an Act to Establish Weights and Measures Council for Retail Commodities ( passed second reading) and among others.

1. Constituency Projects Infrastructural Projects,

a. Reconstruction and Renovation of Federal Fire Service Station, Apapa Road, Ebute-Metta. New Firefighting Trucks and Full Installations of other facilities.

b. Renovation of Primary Health Care Centre, Abule-Nla, Ebute-Metta.

c. Construction of Primary Health Care Centre. Makoko

d. Construction of Over 20 Boreholes in Yaba|Mainland Environs.

i. Police Barrack Otto
ii. Isheri Street, by Ojo Oniyun Street, Ebute-Metta
iii. Opayemi Street, Abule-Ijesha
iv. Fashina Street Iwaya
v. Commercial Avenue, Oyadiran and among others.


a. Empowerment Phase 1 — Over 400 people benefited.

15 tricycles
4 Block moulding Machines
50 Motorized Sewing Machines
20 Grinding Machines
15 2kva Generators
Farm Produce (Eggs)
11 Motorcycles
30 hairdryers
And other items to support petty traders.

b. Regular Free distribution of food items and textile for constituents during festive period.

c. Cash Donation and free distribution of Sewing Machines, Grinding Machines, Generating Sets to another 30 Artisans.

d. Skill Acquisition and Empowerment of 300 Youths, Women on Cosmetology, Catering, Event Management, Small Chops production, Beauty Therapy, Phone Repair.

e. Empowerment Phase 3: Over 500 People benefited.

i. Fire Extinguishers
ii. Hair Dryers
iii. Welding machines,
iv. Beauty Therapy Accessories(Clippers and Sterilizing tools)
v. Bags of Rices
vi. Generating Sets
vii. Chest Freezers
viii. Pregnant Women Kits
ix. Food Items
x. Grinding Machines,
xi. Sewing machines with stands
xii. Pedicure Accessories for Hair Dressers
xiii. Wheelchairs, crutches for Disabilities. And among others materials.

f. Facilitation of Medium Scale Business Loans Program on Paint Making, Catering Service in conjunction with SMEDAN (Phase 4) over 200 Youths benefited with Training Allowances.

g. Facilitation of another (Phase 5) Economic Empowerment Programme for Youth and Women in conjunction with BCDA. Over 100 constituents benefited.
* Hair Dryers, Grinding Machine

h. Free Empowerment and Skill Acquisition Training Program for over 1200 Youths, Men and Women. With Certification! (Phase 6)


a. Annual Free GCE, Jamb for Students
b. Free Coaching Class for Secondary Schools Students
c. Free Distribution of School Written materials
d. Annual One Day Interactive Session with all Secondary School
e. Free Donation of Mobile Laboratory Tools.

4. Health Programmes (JJ MEDICAL MISSION)
a. Free Cervical Cancer Screening for over 200 Women from Age 40 and above.
b. Free surgery on Lipoma and hernia.
c. Private Health Support systems for the people.

5. Other Activities: Security: Free distribution of Security Search gadgets to Estates, Schools, Churches and Mosques, Appointment of Liaison Officers, COVID-19 Palliatives worth Millions Naira were freely distributed for the people to cushion the effects of coronavirus pandemic.

Without mincing words, Hon. Olajide Jimoh has indeed raised the bar of robust representation through this laudable achievements. Though, some might be agitating that they haven’t seen or benefited from the dividend of democracy, be rest assured because the Man ‘JJ, has vowed to ensure that all interests are protected and needs properly articulated as his doors remain open. As we know right from the onset of receiving the mandate to represent his people, he has been running with an agenda unmatched and simply empathetic to the needs of the people. He will continue to consolidate on the these achievements and also ensure equal opportunity for all in line with the manifesto of our great party, All Progressives Congress (APC)
With your continuous prayers, support, Jide Jimoh will deliver on his promises and even surpass imaginations through THE MERCIFUL GOD.

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