Computer Engineer Wins N1.7m From Winners Golden Bet

Mr. Salaudeen Abdul Hakeem, an Ikorodu-based computer engineer, has emerged a millionaire just investing N100!

Abdul Hakeem had placed a bet at an outlet of sports betting firm, Winners Golden Bet.

His bet won him a staggering N1.7 million.

An ecstatic Abdul Hakeem, who has been a bettor with the company since its inception, won the million he said this is the first time he is winning big.

Recalling the moments after he placed his bet, Abdul Hakeem said he fretted all through the first half of game on which he bet, as it remained goalless.

He had bet that Anderlecht would score first and hold on to the lead against Turkey’s Galatasary till the end of the half.

It looked like his wish was not going to come true as the match dragged.

But a minute to the end of the half, the goal came-to his understandable relief.

Asked what he intends to spend his winning on, the computer engineer said he will invest it in a business.

“I want to encourage other punters to come and bet Winners Golden Bet because the winning percentage of the company’s is huge,’ he said.

He thanked the management of Winners Golden Bet for keeping to the promise of prompt payment of winnings, saying he was surprised when he was called from the company to come and collect his cheque less than 12 hours after the match.

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