Controversy Trails U I V C’s Appointment

A fresh controversy on the appointment of a new Vice Chancellor for the University of Ibadan emerged over the weekend with a petition asking President Muhammadu Buhari who is the visitor to the University to nullify the appointment of Professor Abel Idowu Olayinka as the new Vice Chancellor to replace outgoing Professor Adewole in December this year.

The petition written by the Integrity group of the university faulted the procedures for the appointment of Professor Abel Idowu Olayinka as the new Vice Chancellor describing it as below the standard of the university.

Investigation revealed that the Pro-Chancellor and Chairman of the governing board of the University, Dr. Umar Musa Mustapha had in a report of his meeting with the best six nominated for the Vice Chancellor post hinted that “he received two petitions and wanted members to examine the petitions and take decisions before the commencement of the interactions with the applicants.

He discovered that the first petition was written against Professor A. Olatubosun who was nominated by the university Senate to represent it on the Joint Council-Senate Selection Board for the appointment of Vice Chancellor.

It was alleged that Professor Olatubosun did not meet the criteria of becoming a professor.

The current Vice Chancellor was alleged to have manipulated the promotion which was backdated to ten years”, he said.

The Chairman also presented the second petition which was related to the first petition, where Dr, A.K. Aremu; representing the University Congregation, was alleged to have become a diesel merchant by using his position as the Chairman of Energy Distribution Committee in the University.

Similarly, the Chairman in a report of one of the council meeting expressed concern and reservation on what he opined to be some measure of compromise by some members of the council.

According to him, this was contrary to the initial agreement made by council.

But the Council after deliberations decided that the Vice Chancellor should handle the petition administratively saying there was no point raised in the petitions and therefore should be disregarded since the petitioners name was fictitious and could not be contacted.

But the petition captioned “appointment of a person of questionable integrity(Professor Abel Idowu Olayinka) as Universty of Ibadan Vice Chancellor said it was Unfortunately that the Governing Council ignored some important issues that bothered on the INTEGRITY of Prof. Olayinka that had earlier been brought to the attention of the Chairman through some petitions by members of the University of Ibadan community.

“That Prof. Olayinka played questionable role in the controversial promotion of Prof. Adeboye Olatunbosun in the Department of Electrical and Electronics, University of Ibadan in 2013 and backdated to year 2002. The promotion was specially arranged for Olatubosun who is from the same town, attended the same Ilesha Grammar School and Vice-Chancellor’s relation.
First, as a Principal Officer and member of the University Management, Professor Olayinka ought not to serve as an Internal Assessor for promotion cases. He played this role even with embarrassing strongly positive report when he knew it was not so. In a shameful act of rewarding Prof. Olayinka, the Vice-Chancellor manipulated election of University Senate representative for Prof. Olatunbosun to serve on the Selection Board for appointment of a new Vice-Chancellor.

Unfortunately, the Vice-Chancellor organized the internal members of the Governing Council who are more that the external members to step down this important information that shows the character, integrity and judgment of Prof. Olayinka.

There was also information in the petition that Prof. Olayinka was indicted in an Audit Report for engaging in frivolous printing of materials as Dean of Post Graduate School to the extent that the excess found in the store (NOT REQUIRED) at the time of audit some years after he left office was estimated to be over N20million.

The VC was said to have argued that the matter had previously been brought to the Governing Council and they found that he had approval to spend; also that the matter was not relevant to appointment of new VC.

This is another interesting situation of cover up! How about the motive behind the behaviour by Prof. Olayinka and management of public fund.

Shortly before Prof. Olayinka left office as Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic), his official car was stolen.

First, the circumstance under which the car was stolen was not discussed (another cover up). Much more on the integrity of the Vice-Chancellor and Prof. Olayinka is the fact that the N3million plus claim paid by the insurance company was paid to the personal bank account of Prof. Olayinka instead of paying to the University.

In essence, he got rewarded for a car he lost even before leaving office. Although the VC argued he was entitled to buy the car but is it proper for insurance company to pay claim on a University stolen car to Prof. Olayinka’s personal bank account while he was still Deputy Vice-Chancellor. This poor judgment, abuse of office and lack of integrity”, the petition stated.

The petition then prayed President Buhari to investigate the issues of questionable integrity that was swept under the carpet by the University of Ibadan VC, Prof. Adewole and forcing the same position on the Governing Council that it is not relevant to appointment of a new VC for the University.

And if found to be true, that the recent appointment of Prof. Olayinka by the UI Council be nullified immediately by the Mr. President and Visitor to the University.

That a qualified candidate out of the other two finalists be appointed by Mr. President and Visitor to the University based on integrity, scholarship and other criteria that will advance the vision, mission and values of the University.

That referral of the matter back to UI Council will suffer the same faith because of the larger number of internal members of council than the external member and referral of the cases of academic and financial corruption to relevant government agencies for immediate investigation and prosecution as appropriate.

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