COVID-19: LAGFERRY Puts In Place Measure To Tackle Coronavirus 

By Dare Ojelade, Lagos
The Lagos Ferry Services (LAGFERRY) has put in place measures to control the spread of the dreaded Coronavirus in the state, The Gazelle reports.
The Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer (MD/CEO), Hon Abdul Baqi Ladi Balogun, disclosed this on Tuesday, 24 March, 2020.
A statement signed by Hon Balogun stated the agency is committed to the safety of its passengers and would do all within its power to ensure that the dreaded virus does not spread further in the state.
Measures taken by LAGFERRY, according to Hon Balogun are: provision of water and soap at the agency’s various jetties and terminals; ensuring that staff of the agency are in gloves at all time; ensure that both staff and passengers wear nose masks at all time; ensure maintenance of social distancing of at least 2-3 metres at all jetties and terminals; ensuring compulsory checking of passengers’ temperature with infra-thermometers at jetties and terminals; ensuring compulsory filling of passengers’ manifest at all time; ensuring regular and continuous sanitisation of boats after every trip; ensuring regular washing of passengers’ life jackets; and compulsory wearing of life jackets by passengers and crew members.

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