#COVID-19: We’ve Taken Adequate Measures At Curtailing Spread In Schools – Alawiye-King

The Chairman of the Lagos State Universal Basic Education Board (LASUBEB), Hon Wahab Alawiye-King has assured parents that the state government through the Board has taken adequate measures to curtail and contain spread of Covid-19 in public primary schools in the state, reports The Gazelle News.com.
In an exclusive chat with this medium on Tuesday, 26 January, 2021, Alawiye-King stated that the Board is aware of the deadly effects of the second wave of Covid-19 hence has put in place measures for its control at the various public primary schools in the state.
“We are not only working to protect the lives of the pupils but also those of the teachers themselves. For us all hands on deck and we’re on top of it,” he said.
Part of the measures put in place to curtail the spread of the virus in Lagos public schools include: staggered resumption where students come to school every other day.
“If a particular set comes on Monday, another will come on Tuesday and vice versa,” the LASUBEB Chairman explained.
The Board, according to Alawiye-King, has also distributed hand sanitisers and facemasks to public primary schools while hand-washing stands were also provided.
“In addition to this, we are still operating our online coaching for pupils while lessons on radio and television are still on,” he said.
The two-term former member of the Lagos State House of Assembly also hinted that the Board has not relented in its monitoring exercise.
“We monitor the schools and assess how they are coping and adhering to the safety protocols put in place to curtail and contain Covid-19.
“We do collectively and individually. Sometimes we go in groups from the Board while most of the time, and this is regular, individual members of the board and top management staff monitor schools in their areas,” he said.
He advised parents and guardians to also taught their children and wards basic safety protocols such as washing of hands regularly and use of facemasks.
“This is a war we must fight and win hence it is our collective duty to ensure that we adhere strictly to safety protocols as laid down by health officials,” the LASUBEB Chairman said.

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