Customer Passion Point: Training Business Owners To Excel In Their Professions

Equipping Nigerian owned organisations with skills for excellent performance is crucial to building a strong and sustainable economy.

However, most business owners, primarily because of the cost, are unable to avail their staff of these skills.

These businesses are unable to maximise their potentials simply because the people are ill equipped.

It is for this reason that Customer Passion Point Ltd put together the Monthly Training Program to bridge the performance gaps between the multinational companies and their local counterparts.

Having successfully held the second in the series, which held on Friday, 22nd August, 2014, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Customer Passion Point, Mrs Chinwe Kalu was pleased with the response so far.

“Our desire is to equip businesses to operate beyond their immediate spheres of influence. Businesses must be positioned to attract patronage beyond the owners’ immediate family and friends. It requires professionalism to do that. And that is what we are imparting to the participants,” she said.

According to Mrs Kalu, “Most local businesses which are our core target audience for the monthly programmes, are deficient in the areas of marketing, sales, customer service and project management. So we have focused on these areas to provide the skills required to empower these businesses”.

One wonders how CPPL intends to get past the reluctance of business owners to spend on training staff. “The common response we get is that staff doesn’t stay after all the money spent to train them. That may be so, but the truth is that most of these businesses don’t offer their staff much in terms of careers that are exciting and empowering.

“So they leave because they don’t see promising futures. That is why we are telling these business owners to build sustainable, professionally run businesses. Staff will stay if they are confident that the businesses will stand the test of time.

“Training has a way of making staff feel they are cared for. They get back to the offices fired up and ready to give their best. We have also made it quite affordable for any growing business,” Mrs. Kalu explained.

The motivation for CPPL to hold these programmes, despite the reluctance of Nigerian business owners to train staff was the desire to see Nigerian and African businesses become big brands. Chinwe added,

“We want to replicate what Dangote has done with his business. There was a time his business was just another Nigerian business. Today he has become the business to emulate. So what do we do? We are a Value Creation Consultancy. We practice what we preach.

“We sell the benefits of the programme. We get them to see the value these programmes will add to their businesses. We make them understand that the programme may be an expense but it is also an investment from which they get returns – both tangible and intangible.

From the August class, one of the participants in assessing the programme said, “I now see myself as a leader and I take ownership. I see myself as the one who brings value to the business. I don’t just get up to go to work, but I am there to add value. For me that validates what we are trying to do, which is to empower businesses to excel”.

Mrs Kalu added that, “We also get the most experienced of professionals to facilitate for our Program. The last training was graced by Mr. Ikechukwu Kalu, Group Head, Marketing and Communication at First City Monument Bank (FCMB) and the participants seized the opportunity to seek clarification on commercial related issues they had.

“We are making sure it is not just an academic exercise, but a learning process where the facilitator’s experience plays a huge role,” Kalu said.

CPPL goes the extra mile even after the training. Mrs Kalu stated that, “We have an excellent post-training programme in which we continue to engage with participants to help them put into practice the skills they have acquired. We help them through business challenges that they face”.

What does the future hold? Mrs Kalu concluded that, “We will run the programme monthly as promised. The next class takes place on 26th September, 2014. All business owners and their key staff are invited to attend. It will be worth every kobo spent. We want to empower your business to grow beyond your spheres of influence, to speak for themselves. That is our dream for you”.

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