Dare Bombs Makinde: You’ve Not Been Proactive In Finding Solutions To Oyo Security Problems


The Minister of Youth and Sports Development, Mr  Sunday Dare has advised Oyo State Governor, Engineer Seyi Makinde to be more proactive in handling the security  situation in the state.
According to the Minister who is an indigene  of Oyo state, “For several months, citizens of Oyo state have watched with increasing concern as the security situation in our beloved state degenerated. Troubling accounts about killings, kidnappings and herdsmen versus farmers conflicts abound.
Like all the people of Oyo State, I  expect the Governor Seyi Makinde of Oyo State to act prudently but with reasonable dispatch to quell the security situation before it got out of hands.
“We all waited for proactive steps and responses from the state authority but the waiting has been certainly been in vain. Yet, Oyo State, with its population and strategic location in the South West political and economic equation, should not be allowed to   fall into a deadly security malaise for trouble will not be limited to the State alone because this can spread to other states given our strategic importance and position.”
The Minister further affirmed that, “Governor Makinde seems to be paralyzed by fear regarding this important security situation. This is the first serious test of his leadership of the state. Instead of tackling it, he has retreated. His policy has not been proactive enough to resolve the issues so that security of lives will be guaranteed and our people spared the mournings over dead ones. Instead, his policy has been to act as if nothing was happening in forlorn hope that all would simply go away as if it were a bad dream.
“The worsening developments in the state in the area of security are a direct result of a temporizing fiddling leader. The Governor  has paid more lip service to the issue of security instead of offering solutions or taking proactive steps to stem the attacks and chart the path of resolution. For this is a complex issue that requires political courage and vision to resolve”.
He stated further, “States and non-state actors could have been brought into the arena to design a way out. Now, the Governor is flailing about and reacting out of fear that his political status is being damaged instead of crafting a solution that gives justice, peace and meaningful livelihood to all affected, including the citizens and in particular farmers and herders alike. Instead, his incoherence in this situation has placed Oyo and its citizens in the direct path of danger”.
On the reaction his statement would generate, he said “I know I will get my share of abuse and criticism for making this statement. I will take it because when it comes to  security of our people, I stand firm. There is no room for partisanship on this essential point. Oyo citizens from Ibadan to Ibarapa to Ogbomoso to Oke Ogun to Oyo deserve better. Better security and better responses to the issue of protecting them. I want the Governor  to do better as the price of continued failure is that of loss of additional lives and property as well as increasing tensions between people who once treated each other as neighbors and brothers. Also, for most of our citizens in the state who are easy prey for killers, kidnappers and hoodlums.
“We must do something to spare our youths from the claws of untimely death and the agony of loosing Job opportunities.”
He spoke further, “Criminal elements roaming the streets should not be treated with kid’s gloves. And because Oyo Govt failed to take the initiative, the FG seized the initiative. If he cannot handle this himself, there is no shame in the Governor reaching out to seek the help and advice of others to help him chart the right course. This is not the time for  gamesmanship or folly. It is time for serious leadership to resolve a most serious problem.
“The Governor needs to get a grip and not surrender. The time is far gone but he can still do something for the  sake of the people he claims to lead.
“He should tap into the knowledge and experience of the pool of many outstanding citizens”.

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