Darey Art Alade Goes ‘NAKED’ For 4th Studio Album

In the last 10 days, Nigerian R&B star, Darey Art Alade has been building up buzz for the release of his  4th studio album titled ‘NAKED’.

He began with a nostalgic journey to the hospital where he was born, then he visited his childhood homes, secondary schools and even university.

Now he’s just pulled a major stunt with the release of a nude photograph of himself as captured by Kelechi Amadi-Obi.

NET investigations reveal the campaign is to promote his new album due for release anytime from now.

‘Being Naked isn’t just about Nudity, it’s also about being honest, being vulnerable and being real’, he wrote on the phone above, which has already been met with mixed reactions.

Now, Darey becomes the first Nigerian singer to strip in this manner, in a country where many female acts regularly take their clothes off.

At this point, it’s not certain if this is indeed going to be the final album cover but already his fans are loving the concept of the photograph.

No one can tell what the theme of the singer’s new music will be.

One source close to him however tells us: ‘he’s been experimenting’ Globally, Darey won’t be the first to go nude to promote an album.

Maroon 5 yanked off all clothing on cover of ‘Hands All Over Me’, rapper Ice -T appeared nude on cover of ‘Gangstar rap’, singer Seal bared it all on cover of his self titled 1994 album.

No words yet from Darey – but our reporters will track him down!

Source: TheNetng

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