December 28: Rise Up And Celebrate Hakeem Abiodun Muniru, People’s Lawmaker

By Musbau Rasak

For the uninformed Hakeem Abiodun Muniru came into global consciousness during the sitting of the House of Representatives Committee on Police Affairs investigating the invasion of the National Assembly by the Nigeria Police in their efforts to prevent the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Rt. Hon. Aminu Tambuwwal from presiding over the emergency sitting of the House called to discuss the extension of Emergency Rule in three northeaster states.

The sitting has been on for a period of time when the Inspector General of Police, Sulaiman Abbah, referred to Speaker Tambiwwal as ‘one Alhaji Tambuwwal’.

When members of the committee told the IGP to address the Speaker by his official title and the latter refused, Hakeem Abiodun Muniru stepped into history and applause.

“With the IGP refusing to address the Speaker by his official title, there is no reason for me sit down here and talk to somebody who deliberately and with impunity denigrating the Nigerian Constitution. By every pronunciation of the court and constitutional provision, Rt Hon Aminu Tambuwwal is still the Speaker of the House of Representatives and for a government official paid with the tax payers’ money to delibrately impugn on the Office of the Speaker like this, I will seize to be part of this sitting”.

These were the words of Hakeem Abiodun Muniru as he walked out of the meeting with his colleagues in tow and Abbah also suffered the humiliation of not being seen off by the Chairman of the committee as it is the customary in the National Assembly.

That incident and the courageous reaction of Muniru brought him into global conscious.

Yet, AK or Nine Kilo as called by his friends, relatives and close assoicates, has always been a positive and active member of the House of Representatives and his contribution especially at committee level cannot be disregarded.

The fact that Muniru was one of those recommended by Tambuwwal for a return to the House is a plus and the fact that he swept the primaries of his party, All Progressives Congress (APC) in Oshodi Isolo Federal Constituency 2 to contest for a return to the House is a confirmation of the confidence Tambuwwal, party leaders and members have in his ability to deliver the goods.

His colleagues and staff of the National Assembly will tell a first time visitor to the Assembly complex that the man called ’20 kilo’ by Speaker Tambuwwal is arguably the most friendly, most kind and most humble Rep from Lagos. His office is always a beehive of activities and his doors are always wide open to visitors.

At the home front, his election into the House of Representatives has not made him egoistic. He still keeps old friends and still go to his old rendezvous deep in the heart of Isolo to play, interact and meet with those he started with.

Today, Hakeem is one of few lawmakers in the state who can walk freely among area boys in an part of the start without fear or molestation.

At the constituency level, it is on record that he is one of the most performing Rep ever produced by Oshodi Isolo Federal Constituency 2.

For somebody who believes in teaching people how to fish rather than giving them fish to eat, his empowerment programme is second to none. Thousands have become graduates of his vocational training programmes and are now self employed and employers of labour.

His free JAMB/GCE forms distribution cum free coaching classes have assisted in providing admission for many into tertiary institutions in the country while many have been able to secure employment to ministries, departments and agencies (MDAs) of the Federal Government through his efforts.

In Lagos, the doors of his house are wide open and he is not a lawmaker that will return from Abuja and hide. Whenver, AK is in town you know because he is golden fish that has no hiding place.

Nine kilo is young but his friendly and humble disposition that indeed he is a young man who has ensured that his fingers are washed, cleaned, smelling nice, hence his seat is assured at the dinner table with the elders.

Happy birthday, ‘nine kilo’. More fruitful years for you, ‘AK’ and of course more helathy years filled with positive achievements, ’20 kilo’. Enjoy your day.

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