•Olalekan Lombrado Ogunwede, Chairman, APC Germany

The All Progressives Congress Germany Chapter writes to disassociate herself froma video making rounds about in social media for the support of re-election of His Excellency, Edo State Governor Godwin NogheghaseObasekiby some elements claiming to be members of APC Berlin Chapter.

This video was shared through a link of the Facebook page of Afrobizgermany Berlin which leads directly to a YouTube page that the video was uploaded.

The two alleged imposters are Mr. OgbeideOsarumwense claiming to be Chairman APC Berlin Chapter and his accomplice Mr. Fred Akoma.

We will like to categorically state that these men are neither members of the party in Germany nor have ever participated in any of the activities of the party in Germany.

It is also crucial to know that any form of state Diaspora Chapters is illegal and termed fraudulent according to the Mandate from the National Body in Nigeria.

APC Germany Chapter is one of the twelve (12) accredited Diaspora Chapters because we chose from the beginning to adhere strictly to the guidelines set by the leadership of our party.

Our Chapter of the APC is a reputable Chapter that is also registered under the German law with our structure and leadership in place.Any press release or statement not issued from the Chapter’s secretariat with such degree of unprofessionalism as seen in that video purported to be from APC Germany Chapter is fraud.

Anyone that does business with these men under the auspices of APC Germany Chapter should be warned that they do it at their own peril. This statement has been issued immediately we were alerted of the fraudulent act being perpetrated by these tricksters.

Hence in the interest of the public and to maintain the unblemished reputation we have attained amongst Committee of APC Diaspora Chapters as well as with APC National Secretariat we state emphatically that Mr. OgbeideOsarumwense and Mr. Fred Akoma do not represent APC Germany Chapter. We also seek the indulgence of the public to inform us of similar fraudulent information peddling in whatever medium.

Our party is open to the public, however we will not allow bad elements truncate the genuine interest of the people to associate with our party.

Thank you and God bless Nigeria.

Olalekan LombradoOgunwede

Chairman, APC Germany

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