Don’t Be A Third Passenger On Okada, Especially At Night, Police Warn On New Tactics Of Kidnappers 

Police have revealed new tactics being used by kidnappers to kidnap people in Ogun State.
The Police Command, in a press release by its spokesperson, DSP Oyeyemi Abimbola, said the revelation was to enable the general public to increase their level of security consciousness in view of the prevailing security situation in the country.
The police spokesperson also said the information will help to address the issues of nonchalant attitude to security issues exhibited by some people of the state.
The Police spokesperson added: “It is to this end that the following security tips are hereby provided to members of the public on to keep you abreast of the new tactics of criminals.
“All the good people of Ogun State are enjoined to take precautions to minimize, if not completely eliminate, the chances of falling victims of the criminal gang. The new tactics are as follows
“Hoodlums including kidnappers now lay wait in isolated area, where they ambush innocent person(s) to either rob or abduct them for ransom. It is advisable that all such isolated roads are avoided as much as possible, especially at night.
“With this system, kidnappers will pretend to be an Okada rider while his accomplice will pretend to be a passenger. In doing this, the accomplice passenger who had already laced his back with a sedative substances will be in the middle while their victim who will now sit at his back will fall asleep having inhaled the sedative substances.
“The kidnappers are now targeting business men and women who always close late from their shops and places of business.
“To this end, the Command hereby appeals to members of the public to always avoid travelling alone on isolated roads, especially at night. Also, those whose cars are not in good mechanical condition should avoid night traveling, because if such vehicle breaks-down, such person(s) may have unknowingly given the kidnappers opportunity to attack them.
“Furthermore, members of public are advised to always avoid being the third person on a commercial motorcycle, most especially when the two other persons are not known to them.
“Our business men and women should as well endeavor to avoid closing too late from their business places pending when those marauders who are making life difficult for our people will be apprehended.
“Conclusively, the Command is working round the clock to ensure the safety of residents of the State and the support of the general public is therefore needed to achieve this onerous task.”

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