Don’t Ruin Our Future, Ekiti Youths Tell Fayose

‎The Ekiti Youths Vanguard (EYV), an association of concerned youths in Ekiti State, has asked Governor Ayodele Fayose to engage the youth in productive ventures that hold hope for their future, saying his stomach infrastructure stunts portend great threat to productive living among the people.

Reacting ‎to Fayose’s plan to spend Friday nights in beer parlours as a mark of solidarity with the masses to enjoy the dividends of democracy, EYV Public Relations Officer, Charles Fakunle, said it is not in beer parlours that the governor can address poverty among the masses, stressing that what the people want are sustainable programmes that would make poverty history among the populace.

Fakunle said: “Is it beer parlours alone the governor can meet the common people to solve their problems? What on their farms, workshops, trading shops, learning centres and union associations offices? Why not take a census of these groups and create funding schemes for them to improve their trades and grow their businesses to take care of their families and become responsible members of the society? Is it while people are under alcoholic influence that they can plan worthwhile‎ schemes for the betterment of the society?

‎”How much is the governor spending on the masses at the beer joints ‎to befriend them thus making them drunk in relation to formal empowerment schemes to enhance the future of Ekiti youths?

The youth spokesman said it is unfortunate that Fayose has no programme other than schemes to build a band of youths that will not have time to be sober to plan their future, adding that ‎the governor’s allusion to visiting beer parlours as a form of Christmas shopping to make people merry is baffling.

“The governor is simply saying that everyday must be holiday for Christmas merry-making and so no need for productive ventures. He said he is grooming chickens, buying rice, yams and plantains to distribute to the poor. While this is not a strange practice during Christmas at the three levels of government, it is not sufficient as an all-time economic development policy of a state desperately in need of human capital development.

“Why not acting like the Chinese who teach their people to do fishing instead of g‎iving their people fish to eat? That is what Governor Kayode Fayemi did in his Youths in Commercial Agriculture Development scheme (YCAD) and today, some of the entrepreneurs in these agricultural schemes are high income earners and employers of labour,” Fakunle explained.

Criticizing Fayose for blaming frustration among youths as responsible for crimes in the society, ‎the youth spokeman said: “The governor has said that drinking beer with the masses will eliminate frustration among them. Will Fayose drinking beer  with the masses eliminate frustrations among the masses and create jobs for them? He was accused by the EFCC of misappropriating N1.3 billion in the poultry project belonging to Ekiti people, was it his frustrations that made him to misapply the money as alleged?

Accusing Fayose of deceit and blackmail, Fakunle wondered why the governor would say in the public that he preferred stomach infrastructure to the Government House over which he had tried to set the people against Fayemi for being “too expensive” while at the same time sleeping and conducting government businesses in the same Government House‎.

“To blackmail Fayemi, Fayose said he could not be living in an opulence in the expensive Government House while the rest of Ekiti people live in darkness as if it is Fayemi and not the PDP-led Federal Government that is responsible for electricity supply to the Nigerian citizens, ” Fakunle said, adding:

“He has not told us how many people will be beneficiaries of his beer parlour stomach infrastructure scheme to let Ekiti people know how much will be budgeted for the scheme. And when you have no number of the people and the vote budgeted for such a cloudy scheme, then we are back to the era of poultry fraud script where only four of the 20 poultry farms budgeted for were implemented while the money for the remaining 16 farms went to private pockets.

He said instead of messianic claim over this fraudulent stomach infrastructure scheme, Fayose is deliberately playing games with the lives and future of the unsuspecting Ekiti people for selfish advantage, adding that besides compromising Ekiti integrity of hard work, the governor is building a society that will rely on handouts from him as a generous gesture instead of engaging in enduring empowerment schemes that will lift Ekiti people out of poverty.

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