Ebola: Council Boss Charges Nigerians On Environmental Sanitation

The Chairman of Yaba Local Council Development Area, Hon Jide Jimoh, has charged Nigerians to ensure environmental cleanliness and personal hygeine to avoid contacting the Ebola Virus.

He made this appeal on Tuesday, 19th August, 2014, in an interview with journalists, saying the local council has embarked on fumigation exercise and sanitary inspections in the various communities that make up the council area.

He said “what we need now is the enlightenment of our people on environmental cleanliness and personal hygeine which we have been doing through broadcast jingles.

“If we continue to educate the people, our communities will not run into limbo of any viruses be it Ebola or any other communicable diseases”.

The Yaba LCDA Chairman explained that proper hygiene will prevent the virus to spread, saying with sanitised environment, there won’t be problem.

“As a responsible and responsive government, we would continue to  educate our people on ebola virus through our environmental and health department.

“I want to tell Nigerians not to be too careless about their lives, health and  environment. Always ensure sanity and follow the instruction that guide against contacting the virus,” he said.

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