Ebola: Liberian-based Couple, Driver Under Surveillance In Benue

There was apprehension across Benue State over the arrival of three indigenes from Liberia, who have been placed in a separate room at the State Teaching Hospital, Makurdi, for observation.

As soon as the news filtered to the capital city of Makurdi on Sunday, fear gripped the people of the state. As a result, all the joints and public places in the town were deserted.

Chief Medical Director (CMD), Benue State University Teaching Hospital, Professor Orkugar Malurdi, had to go on air early Monday to dispel the rumour.

Speaking with newsmen in his office on Monday, the CMD confirmed that there were three indigenes of the state, among whom were a couple on a missionary assignment to Liberia, who had to return home because of the spread of the disease in the country.

The third person placed in isolation was the driver, also an indigene, who conveyed the people from Abuja airport to Makurdi.

According to the CMD, the couple were tested at every point right from Moronvia, Liberian capital, to Accra in Ghana and Abuja and the results of the tests were negative.

According to him, “since some airlines have shut operations to Liberia, the couple had to take flight to Accra in Ghana, where they stayed for a week before traveling to Nigeria.”

He added that the people, whose identity he did not disclose, were quickly admitted in the hospital and had been kept under close observation.

“They have not shown any symptoms of the disease. Since they came in here on Thursday, we have been testing them on a daily basis and there is no evidence of temperature or any of the symptoms of the Ebola.

“So we are 99.99% sure that they do not have Ebola virus. But just in the remotest case of 0.0%, we have kept them to fulfill everything there is to be done, to ensure they do not have the disease,” he said.

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