Ekiti 2014: Statistics Supports APC Victory

By Gbenga Sodeinde, Senior Correspondent, Ado Ekiti

The Ekiti State chapter of the All Progressives Congress (APC) has said that the party was very sure of victory in the June 21 governorship election in the state, based on available statistics and indicators.

A release by the party’s publicity and media director in the state,  Segun Dipe said APC is a party of brains and not brawn, one in which actions are based on calculations and not on mere guess work. As such, the party would rather concentrate its energy on building the membership base rather than engaging in frivolities like other incoherent political associations.

According to Dipe, “those in opposition are agonising, while we in APC continue to organise. We make bold to say that there are only two political groupings in Ekiti State today. One, as you know, is the All Progressives Congress (APC), and the other, as you do know, is the Association of Confused Politicians, ACP.

“The boast by the opposition to dislodge the Dr. Kayode Fayemi-led administration in the coming election is a fairy tale of Alice in an imaginary Wonderland. It is one that is grossly unsupported by available statistics. Such high hopes by opposition parties to win the governorship election despite their noticeable shortcomings is most comparable with that of a patently lazy student who never read his book but was always announcing he would make distinctions in all his papers. This is what is referred to as dead on arrival.

“When the campaigns commence, those in opposition will be boasting of what they will do, while the APC will be pointing at what Dr. Fayemi has done”.

Dipe stated further that Fayemi has constructed roads, empowered people,  developed tourism and has created several opportunities for men and women. “Women are particularly more enhanced, the aged are happy, the youths are happy, the working class is happy, everybody is praising Governor Fayemi for his good work.

The Christian and Muslim clerics (clergy) have made his performance the subject of their sermons in churches, mosques and other gatherings.

“Those in opposition have remained disorganised and disoriented. They are busy searching for the right candidate among the many jostlers, while we have the most marketable candidate in the incumbent governor.

“They are seeking power and support from the strange gods in Abuja and elsewhere, while we look up to God and inward to the good people of Ekiti to re-enact our winning ways. They trust in horses and chariots while we trust in God and the good people of Ekiti. They are beating the drums of war while we are beating that of peace,” he said.

On the recent membership registration exercise, Dipe said, “it gladdens the minds of the party leaders to know that within the first few days of the exercise, over 100,000 people had registered. These are people with faces and home addresses.

This figure is exclusive of the apolitical and the statute-barred like the civil servants. Rather, it is  dominated by the aged and the artisans who value the good work of Dr. Fayemi. Pitting this figure against the total voting population, one could see that APC members are already in the overwhelming majority and they will want to and make their votes count for the party”.

Dipe also reiterated the concerns repeatedly expressed by Governor Fayemi that outsiders should keep their distance from the Ekiti election and allow the people of the state to elect the person they love without any intrusion. He said anything to the contrary may turn back the hands of the clock for the state and return the people to the dark days of seven years, seven governors.

“Ekiti people are conscious of their past in the hands of ignoble politicians and will not want to return to their Egypt, having experienced life in the promised land this far. Already, they have showed their love for the party of their choice by registering as members. They have felt the weight of water, felt that of oil and they now know which is heavier,” he said.

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