Ekiti Election: Group Calls For Probe Of INEC Ballot Papers; Says Poll Result Mirrors Tragedy Of Yoruba Nation

The result of the June 21 Ekiti State gubernatorial election mirrors the collapse of ethics and communal heritage of Yoruba people, the O’odua Nationalist Coalition, (ONAC) said in a statement issued on Tuesday, 24th June, 2014.

Reviewing the election which produced Mr. Ayodele Fayose, the Yoruba self-determination group said the winner was once declared unfit to govern Ekiti people through a judicial enquiry that indicted him for graft and maladministration saying his coming back 10 years after through the vote of the same people that portrayed him as a common criminal was a clear indication of how corruption, loss of integrity and ineptitude have become institutionalized in the history of Yoruba political transition.

The group described the June 21, 2014 result as the “tragedy of the Yoruba nation.”

The group stated that apart from the collapse of the moral fabric of the nation, the victory of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) on June 21, 2014 was as a result of scientific manipulation of the electoral process to favour the PDP. The group called for a probe of the electoral materials used so as to determine whether the ballot papers had been thumb printed before the election.

“It is easy to celebrate a victory, but we are doomed as a people if we fail to reflect on the various elements that are associated with the election and the consequences on the moral taproot of the nation’, the statement signed by ONAC’s Deputy Secretary for Organization, Mr Idowu Akinwunmi stated.

ONAC stated further that “Fayose came through an unfair and skewed party primary, characterized by violence, thuggery and complete disregard for best global practices within the framework of internal party democracy.

“His election was preceded by high–pitched immoral horse-trading, inducement of voters with goodies, as it appeared among other contestants, crass corruption, opportunism and brazen exploitation of the conditions of the extremely poor people for political advantage.”

ONAC stated further that Ekiti people are known for integrity and honor but the fact that Fayose now becomes Ekiti’s No 1 citizen only mirrors the depth of decay and rot in Nigeria and the Yoruba Nation, adding that democracy is not only about the right to chose, but the ability to know and choose the greater good.

“The June 21, 2014 election result casts a gory epitome with the most ignoble colour on the integrity of Nigerians, this for a very long time will affect the honour of future generations of Yoruba people. That the some Yoruba elite celebrate this episode point to class conspiracy and conscious collaboration in the destruction of the finest tradition and culture of respect for human dignity that used to be the hallmark of Yoruba people.”

ONAC stated “If a man pronounced as a common criminal can occupy the most dignified seat and highest status of a community, then the future of such a people face an imminent drawback, a possible implosion and an obvious peril.”

ONAC which members monitored the election in the 177 wards, said voters exercised their restrained rights at gun point. “Armed soldiers occupied the cities and villages and hamlets, freedom of movement was curtailed, there was an atmosphere of siege, humiliation of the leaders of the ruling party, abduction of political leaders, harassment of journalists and an overwhelming display of terror, adding that describing this condition as “free, fair and credible” by some individuals only show that Nigerians have accepted oppression and unbridled violation of human rights as a normal way of life. ONAC said Fayose’s entry into the highest political seat will encrypt a permanent dark spot on the sub-consciousness of today’s generation with ‘grave future consequences.’

It is astounding that that such a person now lays claim to public trust and communal leadership in a society once reputed as the traditional home of honour and self-esteem.

ONAC said there were grievances within the ruling APC but that the disenchantment within the PDP was even greater. “We urge the APC to re-energise itself and make itself the bulwark of Yoruba heritage.” The group stated that “The Yoruba people are used to decent politics, but each time the progressives build enduring monuments, vagabonds come with cudgels and arms to destroy the monuments and even haul the armless leader into jail, urging the Yoruba leaders to realise that political power is not only about elections, but also about sustaining the democratic gains so as to prevent such from being filtered away by anti-people political elements who have taken over most parts of Nigeria.

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