Ekiti Govt Slams APC Over Allegation To Relocate College’s Tractors

Ekiti State Government has described the ludicrous claim of the state chapter of the All Progressives Congress (APC) on the alleged removal of equipment from the proposed College of Agric in Isan as part of the
attempts of the ousted government to precipitate a series of communal crises that are aimed at making the entire state ungovernable.

Reacting to the allegation of “hate mission against Isan, others”, published in some national newspapers, the Special Assistant to the State Governor on Information and Civic Orientation, Mr. Lanre Ogunsuyi, noted that the claim was so absurd that he would have laughed it off if it was not so pathetic and capable of misinforming people in the state.

Ogunsuyi said that it was an irony of circumstance that the author of the allegation, one Taiwo Olatunbosun who he described as a rabble-rouser and a latter-day convert of the APC that knew practically nothing about events leading to the issues raised, would under the pretence of being a mouthpiece make such unsubstantiated comments.

The Governor’s aide who debunked the allegation of vengeance and persecution as well as attempt to destroy the College of Agric in its entirety, said that it should however not surprise rational minds that the opposition have continued to fan the embers of mishap, stressing that the antecedents of APC particularly the controversial actions of the past administration towards the tail end of the regime was a clear indication of its intention to totally pauperize the state and create landmines targeted at hindering the success of the Fayose administration.

He challenged the APC to give a correct account of events surrounding the establishment of the College including the arrangement where three tractors were hurriedly gotten and deceitfully presented to the National Board for Technical Education (NBTE) in their failed attempt to obtain accreditation for the college less than 36hours of their handing over to a new administration.

According to him, government only recalled one of the three tractors to Ado Ekiti in order to clear the hitherto neglected areas in the state capital adding that the gesture would not have been necessary if any of the available government tractors had been properly maintained and are made functional by the immediate past administration.

Ogunsuyi emphasized that the recent attack which he insisted was an attempt to blackmail the state government was also an endeavor to rewrite history and wondered how the Provost and Bursar of the College
could have been mandated to release about N40 million, Olatunbosun claimed was left in the school’s account when the entire subvention released to the institution which has no other source of revenue was less than the said amount.

“I am bewildered with what this man is expecting government to do with an institution that only exist on paper and has only one substantive staff who is the provost of the college.

“If Fayemi could scrap TUNEDIK and the University at Ifaki that had linkage agreement with renowned foreign universities and whose students were already in their third year without battling an eye, why would APC not be afraid even when government has not even taken a decision on the college which has no accreditation from any of the regulatory agencies and neither does it have any student.

“I’m reliably informed that even the provost was not on ground in Ekiti as he was only on an annual leave from his main institution and has since returned to his base.

“In any case, why would Fayemi wait till the very last minute to establish the college if indeed he was sincere? Ogunsuyi queried.

The Special Assistant further punctured the claim of the opposition that Governor Fayose was trying to get back at the people of Isan community where Fayemi hails from, saying that the Governor could not be attempting to settle scores with any community on the election issue since he incontrovertibly won a landslide in all the 16 local government areas in the state.

He added that it is shameful that Olatunbosun could lay claim to the
completion of the Ado – Ifaki dual carriageway when everyone in Ekiti is aware that the road is yet to be completed, saying that one can deduce from the assertion that his paymaster, Fayemi must have scrapped the University of Science and Technology at Ifaki Ekiti probably because his party had never won any election at Ifaki.

Ogunsuyi marveled at how a group of people that should bury their heads in shame in view of the recent expose on their extravagant lifestyle using the peoples’ commonwealth in the midst of abject poverty remained unrepentant and continued to rubbish the act of governance with impunity.

Ogunsuyi appealed to the people of the state to completely disregard the propaganda and falsehood being peddled by the opposition who he described as pretenders suffering from delusion and pain of electoral misfortune stressing that they need to shed their toga of arrogance and accept their shortcomings in order to become relevant in the political terrain in the state.

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