Eko Club Crisis Deepens; Members Condemn President, Elders On Constitution Amendment; Dirty Text Messages Exchange Hands

The crisis rocking the elite Lagos social club, Eko Club, over the decision of the Owolabi Lawal led executive council to amend the constitution, continues unabated as most members have condemned the move.

The Lawal led executive council had proposed and effected a constitution amendment to pave way for a council of elders to serve as electoral college in selecting the club’s president and vice president against the provision of the constitution of the club which provided that all financial members of the club as at 31st December of the election should vote for the officers of the club, president and vice president inclusive.

The move generated a counter motion by 62 financial members of the club, but rather than address their motion, the president slammed a suspension on the 62 members.

The development has degenerated into a war of words with members exchange text messages not only condemning the move but also castigating the Lawal led executive council and some elders for their roles in the whole saga.

Some text messages in the possession of thegazellenews.com indicated that majority of the members are not in support of the move which most of them described as autocratic and undemocratic.

In one of the text messages, a member, Chief Kunle Uthman took on the president head long. His words: “Engr Lawal, Pres, Eko Club, Blessings!!! You would recall that I sent you a PROTEST LETTER via sms after the extra-ordinary meeting. I reaffirm those words. I learnt through a distinguish and very snr member of the Club that you wrongly identified me as the faceless author of the various sms protesting year autocratic and undemocratic conduct. I swear by the Holy Quran and Almighty Allah (SWT) is my witness, that I am not and can NEVER be. I am not a COWARD but a DEMOCRAT, who believes in fair play and fair hearing. I will NEVER write an anonymous petition and will NEVER be party to a charade and “wuruwuru” conduct in an assemblage of gentlemen. Congrats on the emergence of “Team B” for the Presidential Elections.

That procedure was flawed, BUT WHAT CAN WE DO?

Yet another member of the club wrote: BLESSINGS! BLESSINGS!! BLESSINGS!!! Dear blessed members, together let us say NO to the proposed amendment to the Constitution of our great Club. Articles 2, 4 (iv), 10(iv), 14(ii), 18(v), 19(iii), 35 are totalitarian and anti Foundation members as well as Elders Committee of the Club. Say NO to the immoral and anti-people Amendment”.

There are more damning text messages including those accusing some prominent members of the club of fraud in possession of thegazellenews.com which we will publish in due course.

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