Election Shift: INEC Has Only Postponed Jonathan, PDP’s Doomsday, Says APC Action Group

The Action Group of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Ekiti State has flayed the security and other reasons given by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) for the postponement of the February 14 and 28 elections, describing them as ‘very weak, puerile, manipulative and untenable’.

In a release signed by its spokesperson, Mr Segun Dipe, the group said the reasons were mere charade intended to give an advantage to President Goodluck Jonathan at the polls, but which would definitely become his Achilles heels.

“President Goodluck Jonathan is already rejected. Rather than conferring benefits on him, the postponement will further ensure his free fall at the poll. It remains to be seen what new things the president would say or do to sway votes to his side at this point. The further he pushes the election dates, the further he pushes his doomsday,” the statement noted.

The group wondered how the security apparatus of a sovereign nation could show such lily liver to the entire world that it is incapable of providing security for the citizens if elections are held on particular days and thus should be shifted to other days, expressing confidence that history will remember those behind such nefarious acts as political saboteurs and traitors.

“Just like history has condemned those behind June 12, those behind the February 14 poll shift have also pushed themselves to the wrong side of history. If indeed those security chiefs told INEC that they could not guarantee protection for the citizens if election were held as scheduled, then they must be seen as the enemies within and a president that is a true Commander-in-Chief ought to sack and prosecute them,” the statement noted.

The group said further that, “Their roles in Ekiti and Osun have shown that they have no good intention for the people no Nigerian is putting his or her safety in their hands. Their mission is to weaken our spirit. Their goal is to perfect the PDP rigging. How can we believe that they can guarantee in six weeks the security they couldn’t ensure in four years? Their plan A has failed. They now want to work on plan B. May the God of the suffering Nigerians who are seeking a change for the better make it fail.”

The group however asked the people of Ekiti State who are already groaning under the heavy yoke of the incumbent governor Ayodele Fayose to be resolute and continue to keep faith with APC as the party that will liberate them from the heavy burden of the PDP-imposed governor.

“There is good in evil and vice versa. APC is challenged by the postponement and will seize it as an opportunity to further entrench our presidential candidate, General Muhammadu Buhari and all the APC candidates in Ekiti in the consciousness of people as the change agent. Enough of GEJ at the centre and Fayose at our state level. Let us be determined to kick out the pass-on-the-blame President and bring in a President who will accept responsibility. By so doing, we are liberating, not only the country at large, but also our state from the yoke of deception and destruction.”

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