Ex-IGP Challenges Jonathan To Name Boko Haram Members In His Govt

Former Inspector General of Police, Ibrahim Commasie, on Thursday, 24th April, 2014, challenged President Goodluck Jonathan to disclose the identity of Boko-Haram members  in his government if he is really serious about tackling the terrorism problem in Nigeria.

President Jonathan had said that Boko-Haram members had infiltrated his government.

Commasie who stated this while speaking with journalists at the ongoing National Conference added that the security challenges facing the country right now cannot be tamed by Nigeria Police unless police get intelligent gathering saying that without intelligent gathering there is no how Boko-Haram problem can be tackled.

He said, “We don’t know  what is happening, I am not in government, we need some level of intelligence activities to contain the type of insurgency that we are seeing today, government must put adequate measure in place to protect its citizens, the primary purpose of government is there in the constitution.

“When they say Boko-Haram will be thing of the past, has it really been the thing of the past? For how many years has the insurgency activities be on?

“The President also said there are Boko-Haram in his government, has he exposed them?

“Committees have been set up, about two or three have submitted their reports, one of the committees was headed by a Minister of Special Duties, Kabiru Tanimu, the Deputy Chairman of this CONFAB was a member, we don’t know what happened to the report, I think there is another committee set up on the same issue, they have submitted their report what is happening to that?

On whether the withdraw of incumbent governors in the states where state of emergency has been declared would help contain insurgency, Commasie said that it depends on the parameter and facts availble to governor, explaining that  in case of state of emergency declared in Plateu state during era of Chief Olusegin Obasanjo, the governor there Senator Joshua Dariye clearly could not control the situation.

“An ex-military officer was appointed as sole administrator(Gen. Chris Ali rtd) and I think he did something and restored law and order. In this particular case in (North East) Borno, Yobe and Adamawa, their governors have been doing their best, the governor of Borno  has come out to say that the insurgents have far more sophisticated weapons than our troops who are fighting them, that is evidence that the governors have been spending money to the troops and policemen.

On how to solve insurgency problem, the former police boss advised government to first of all sit down with people who know security issues very well and let them find out what the problems are.

He said the government must identify  these people(boko-haram) and their sponsors.

Commasie said, “government should first  of all sit down with people who know security issues very well and let them find out what the problems are, who are these people (insurgents and their sponsors) who are killing people and destroying properties, what are the intelligence information available, what do these people want, if the government has the answers to some of these questions they will be able to solve this problem.”

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