Ex-President’s Son To Spend 8 Months In Prison For Stealing N.3m Samsung Phone; Convict Traded Phone For Drugs

The son of a former president in an African country is to spend the next eight months in prison with hard Labour for stealing a mobile phone worth $843, about N303,480.
The convict was reported to have traded the phone for hard drugs. He was a notorious drug addict.
The convict, Frederick Chiluba Jr is the son of Frederick Chiluba Sr who ruled Zambia for ten years, between 1991 and 2001.
The younger Chiluba stole the phone, a Samsung S7 Edge from a woman, Brendan Chisha, on 2 September, 2017 and traded it for hard drugs in a notorious slum in Lusaka, capital city of Zambia.
A Lusaka magistrate, Nthandose Chabala, while handing out the ruling, said it would serve as deterrent to would-be offenders. She also said that the prosecution had proved beyond reasonable doubt that the convict actually committed the offence.
The convict’s father’s ten year reign was dogged by allegations of corruption leading to his trial after office climaxed with his conviction in 2007 of fraud by a London court and ordered to repay $58 million to the Zambian government.

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