Exclusive: Coronavirus Kills Another YabaTech Staff, Six Others Test Positive


By Nurudeen Yisa, Lagos
Another staff of Yaba College of Technology has died of complications from Covid-19, reports The Gazelle News.com.
The deceased was said to have had close contact with the Late Mr M A Omoighe, Director of Academic Planning Unit of the institution who died of Covid-19 infection on Sunday, 24 January, 2021.
It was also learnt that six other staff of the institution have tested positive for Covid-19.
The Gazelle News.com had reported earlier that the death of Omoighe led to the closure of the institution’s APU and Medical Centre and the staff therein ordered to self isolate and undergo Covid-19 test.
This medium also reported that students of the institution have been ordered out of hostel while the school resorted to online lecture.
On Thursday, 28 January, 2021, the management of the school and ordered students out of hostel immediately sequel to the news that another staff who had close contact with the late APU Director has died.
Below is the message forwarded to the students’ WhatsApp platform on the latest development in the school:
Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen.
Another member of Staff has been announced dead this morning. It was made known that there’s a link of him to the  Late M.A. Omoighe who died of COVID’19 few days ago.
Students in the hostel are advised to vacate the hostel with immediate effect. Kindly return to you various houses, take precautions and ensure you stay safe. May we not be a victim of this virus.
It’s no longer joke, it’s getting serious. Mask up, wash your hands and use sanitizer often.
Further information about school activities will be pass across to you as it unfolds…
Be good and take care.

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