Exclusive! Dangote’s New 42.5 Cement Brand Has Quality Defect, Investigation Reveals

Investigation by this medium has revealed that the much vaunted 42.5 brand of cement introduced by Dangote Cement into the market has a serious quality defect.

The newly introduced brand 42.5 brand has been hyped in the market as being of the best quality even better than the previous 32.5 brand which as common in the market.


Investigation by this medium revealed that the much vaunted brand was used at some construction sites which turned out to be waste of money and exercise.

At a large construction site, a multi-million naira home project belonging to a rich businessman in Katsina State, it was discovered that the newly introduced brand was used for plastering.


“After we have gone through the required mxing ratio and without any quality issue with water and sand, we apply the mixed 42.5 brand cement for the plastering exercise,” Adamu Issa, a site supervisor told thegazellenews.com.

Issa told this medium that some days after the plastering exercise, the plaster started to peel off while some level of shrinkage/contraction occurred after using the said cement resulting in mild cracks on the building.


“The result was that we have to completely removed most parts of the buildings that have been plastered and of course this resulted in heavy financial loss for us as we have to look for other brands of cement that can serve our purpose,” Sylvanus Okorie, a site engineer toldthegazellenews.com.


Further investigation revealed that the 42.5 brand of cement may not be suitable for plastering of buildings because it possesses high heat of hydration which puts huge question marks on its touted quality.


Further investigation revealed that similar quality problem occurred at another residential construction site being put in place by the Katsina State Government.

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