Exclusive: Tinubu Reaches Out To Estranged Allies For Reconciliation As 2023 Draws Closer


The National Leader of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, is not leaving anything to chance as he continues to strategise for his presidential ambition in 2023, reports The Gazelle
This medium learnt exclusively that the former Governor of Lagos State has embarked on aggressive reconciliatory moves aimed at reuniting with his some of his estranged allies who had fallen out with him.
The move, this medium learnt, was aimed at having a united front from the region and reunite all the aggrieved members of his political family and make it a strong and united political group it used to be.
The Gazelle can also report that also on the front burner the Osun State Governorship Election taking place next year.
Our correspondent learnt that Asiwaju Tinubu has been reaching out to these aggrieved allies in the last 72 hours, waving olive branch to them and imploring it on them the need to come together and work as a team again.
The Gazelle learnt that he has called a former two time governor of the State of Excellence, and two other former Governors of two Southwest states who equally served two terms in their respective states.
“Yes, I can confirmed that he has reached out to us and we are having a meeting on this very soon,” a member of the group belonging to the former Governor of Centre of Excellence told this medium.
A very close associate of Asiwaju stated that although he is not aware of any such move since he has not been on ground for quite sometime, he stated that Asiwaju being an intelligent leader will always move to reconcile members of the party if he perceives that things are not going on well.
“That’s why he is the National Leader and an Asiwaju, if he is embarking on such move, we should commend him,” our source, who is a member of the state Governor’s Advisory Council (GAC) told our correspondent.
This medium learnt that the latest reconciliatory move of Tinubu may be difficult as some of the aggrieved group feel they have suffered enough embarrassment from the new allies the former Governor has empowered.
“Look at the last primary election for APC in Lagos, those he had empowered just behaved as if people like us don’t exist, imposing thier favourites even when it was obvious that their favourites are not popular,” our source added.
According to him, Asiwaju will have to employ all the arsenal at his disposal to achieve result in his latest move because, “a lot had happened and many are not happy, so he will have to be at his very best to get result this time around”.

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