Exposed! Housewives Hire Male Strippers For Private Sex Lessons

Married women have been reported to employ the services of male strippers to privately entertain and teach them about sex.

Such men, reports say, must be sex pistols, with six-pack, chiseled body that could make any woman swoon.

The men, mostly young and below age 30, reportedly earn between $150 and $500 to entertain a group of women, mostly affluent ones, in swanky areas of Zimbabwe.

A stripper who spoke with an undercover journalist said, “Our job is mostly to teach a bride-to-be what her husband expects from her sexually.

“We teach by demonstrating the act on her; or, if she prefers, we can use another lady.

“Some of our clients sometimes demand the ‘real act,’ and if she’s bold enough, we can do it in the presence of other ladies or in a private room within the venue.

“Whenever the real act is involved, the client pays more money,” the stripper said.

He added that the practice started at bachelorettes where male strippers were hired to entertain guests, but that it eventually evolved into private entertainment for well-heeled women; and that sometimes, the client may just be a lone married woman who desires the service of a male stripper.

Talking about the tools of the trade, the male stripper said a would-be stripper must be clean shaven all over, well-built, always in special, sex-inspiring underwear and always wearing sexy cologne that makes for fresh smell all the time.

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