#Exposed! Real Reason Fani-Kayode Left APC –Tinubu

THE verbal war between gladiators of the two leading political parties continued on Monday, with the national leader of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Senator Bola Tinubu, accusing the spokesperson of Goodluck Jonathan Campaign Organisation, Chief Femi Fani-Kayode, of inconsistency and deceit.

He also claimed that the former Minister of Aviation left the opposition party following his failure to realise his unstated ambition.

Tinubu, in a statement by his media aide, Sunday Dare, further claimed that Fani-Kayode said certain things to the leaders of the opposition party about his current principal, which would not be disclosed.

While labelling the presidential spokesperson a habitual liar, Tinubu warned him to stop using the name of God in vain while attempting to demonise opposition figures, adding that his tongue might run him into problem with God.

According to the statement, “in his latest assault, Fani-Kayode has tried to deflect public attention away from the tricks and tactics the government is set to deploy in order to oppress and intimidate key APC figures during these final days before the March 28 election.

“He claims the government is not misusing the vehicles of state power to oppress the opposition. He then quotes Biblical verses to further claim that APC leaders are wicked.

“FFK should proceed carefully with the use to which he puts his tongue. Not every word a person speaks is a lark that evaporates the moment after its expression. He must be careful for he does not mock man, he mocks a higher power and should be wary of his excesses in this regard.

“Those of us in the APC know him for what he is. It was roughly a year ago that FFK tried to join the APC. In attempting to ingratiate himself, he spewed endless venom against his current boss.

“Because we knew him, we held him at arm’s length. The man is willing to say anything for a taste of power and to wiggle his way into some office or another. When he saw the door closed to him, he predictably bolted.

His exit remains our gain.

History will mark it as a key point in the development of the APC.

“If you doubt what I say, review carefully FFK’s statement why he returned to the PDP. It is an epistle of deceit. Examine its allegations.

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