Family Of Late Makeup Artist, Speaks On Cause of Her Death

Emmanuel Adigwe

The Family of Deborah Tushima, the make-up artist who was said to have been poisoned at her birthday party over an iPhone 11 as stated that the story is untrue.
According to a family member who spoke on the condition of anonymity stated that the late Tushima did not die of poisoning but she simply slumped and died.
The family member stated that she started “fainting” recently and she also fainted at her birthday and this ultimately led to her death.
The family member said: “Later on we discovered that she has a heart problem that makes her faint, and she has been fainting for some time but neither mum nor dad knew about that.”
The family member also stated that she died in Makurdi, at a place of IT and not in Jos as claimed.

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