Fayemi Campaign Team Slams PDP, Says It’s Greatest Impediment To Nation’s Growth

By Gbenga Sodeinde, Senior Correspondent, Ado Ekiti

The ongoing crisis that the Ekiti State chapter of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) is embroiled in is a clear pointer to the kind of trouble it would foist on Ekiti people if it is given another chance to govern the state.

The chaos and confusion which have accompanied its selection of a governorship candidate for the June 21 election has further shown that the PDP is directionless, indecisive and incapable of getting anything right, as has been demonstrated at the Federal level where it has held sway since 1999.

A statement by the spokesperson of the Kayode Fayemi Campaign Organisation, Dimeji Daniels, which made the aforementioned statement, stated further that, “it is unthinkable that a political party that cannot successfully manage its own affairs is now daydreaming about ruling a progressive state like Ekiti.

“The confusion in the PDP is so incurable that it does not know what it wants. While some are agitating for consensus, others are haggling over primaries. Seeing the heavy security at its state secretariat in Ado-Ekiti on Wednesday on the day of its highly controversial ward delegate congress, the question on every Ekiti person’s lips is why the PDP cannot settle anything without guns, knives or other dangerous weapons? The people living around the PDP secretariat at Ajilosun have been in palpable fear since Wednesday, seeing as they were robbed of their peace by the PDP. Obviously, the PDP has heard the result of the failure that awaits it in the June 21governorship election, because the party has demonstrated to the people of Ekiti that it cannot settle any of its internal matter without guns”.

Daniels added that it was similar confusion, lack of understanding, as well as lack of maturity in resolving issues, that characterised the Ayodele Fayose and the Segun Oni administrations in the state.

“Ekiti people would recall how during his time as governor, Fayose terrorized his deputy, Abiodun Aluko, his party leaders and members like Chief Ojo Falegan, Segun Oni and many others. The same happened during the Segun Oni government. They could never resolve any issue without running to either Obasanjo or Bode George.

“In other words, the Ekiti PDP cannot do anything meaningfully or successfully without guns or being shepherded. Is that the kind of directionless, clueless and violence-personified political party that wants to rule Ekiti State again?” Daniels queried.

He added that just as the PDP has continued to put Nigerians’ lives in jeopardy at the federal level, its major plan in Ekiti, apart from the fleecing of the treasury, is to drag the state back to the era of one day, one trouble.

The spokesperson of the Kayode Fayemi Campaign Organisation said the onus lies on security agencies not to allow the PDP’s self-imposed violence spill over to the populace.

He said “The PDP is a menace to the well-being of Nigeria and Nigerians. All well-meaning Nigerians must team up to stamp it out of Nigeria. Already, it has self-imploded. It is the duty of every Nigerian to rid this country of this danger with his/her vote as the PDP remains the greatest impediment to the country’s progress and development. The only unifying factor in the PDP is the nation’s treasury. The moment their access to that seems threatened, they would turn on themselves with guns and all sorts of dangerous weapons. That is what is presently happening to the PDP in Ekiti State. Whatever confusion among them now is a scramble to come back to loot Ekiti State, just as they did between 2003 and October 16, 2010.”

Daniels said Ekiti people have seen the impact of good governance through the Kayode Fayemi administration and are not ready to go back to the years of locust in the political Egypt which is the PDP.

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